Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


On my way back home, at DFW now. It’s been an interesting weekend of second hand smoke and lots of Fox News, but you sacrifice for family. Worth the trip, but it will be good to be home.


My car was throwing an error code that suggested the barometric sensor was going bad. Took it into the dealership today, and this is the picture they sent.


Hum. Looks like you might have some debris next to your acorn-retention gasket. Get rid of those leaves and you should be fine.


Just get some squirrels, problem solved.


You’ve got pets and didn’t even know it!


Now if only he could remember where he parked his acorns…


We’re pet sitting for a friend. Our dog, who just turned one, is not a fan. So we’re keeping our guest dog in the basement while she’s upstairs. I took the day off and have been splitting my time between them. I feel like the character in a sitcom who is on two dates at the same restaurant at the same time. At least I’m not quickly changing clothes when I switch pups.


So your dog doesn’t freak out and do the “I smell another dog on you” thing?


Some squirrel is going to freak the hell out when it gets hungry


Your car is nuts.


I don’t understand this. Your dog is only one year old. What she’s a fan of kind of depends on you. Are you working to acclimate them to each other?

The sitcom image is a funny one, I will admit, but as a dog owner who has had to get my dog used to various other pets, this is something you can do, and it will help for now and in the future.

Regardless, good on you for pet sitting for your friend. I spend a good amount of time pet sitting as well. And it’s a good thing.




Oh yes. They went on a long walk together last night, and tried to hang out for a while. He’s significantly older, less socialized, and grumpier. He gives off all the wrong cues, and she’s displeased with that. She’s also twice his size.

They’re getting another long walk and hang out attempt tonight, when I’ve got my wife for backup. Hopefully it goes better.


This is great to hear. I hope it goes well!



Congrats @CraigM! Wishing you and your wife the best. Can only imagine how amazing it feels to bring a new life into this world (at least one that’s not of the amphibian genome) :)


Thanks @jpinard :)


I guess this doesn’t really qualify as interesting as such, but - two weeks after I got back from making an emergency trip to Louisiana I’ve got to go back again. This time I’ll be taking the whole family, which is good. But we’re going to a funeral, which is bad. But it also comes with free frogurt! That’s good! The frogurt is also cursed. That’s bad.


Now I want to watch that episode again. I hope you have a safe trip.


Not exactly recent as it happened many years ago, but it sticks in my mind.

One autumn evening about 10pm I was driving from the university I was attending to my parent’s house. The drive is mostly two-lane roads through rolling hills and farmland. The speed limit is 90 km/h and I think I was doing about 105.

I come up over a low hill and there is an oncoming car with the high beams on. Ones with the extra-bright headlights. I flick my high beams on and off, but nothing. In the back of my head, something is bothering me about the whole situation and I ease off the gas, but it’s downhill anyway so I don’t slow down much.

Then, as I am about to pass the oncoming car, lights appear on the right side of the road, REALLY close. It was like a slow-motion video playing out, the lights resolve to the front of a tractor starting to make a turn onto a farm lane. Why hadn’t I seen the lights before? Well, that’s because the tractor was pulling a giant trailer(hay? manure? I don’t recall), that has no lights and no visible reflectors (the back of the trailer was covered in black mud). It was a smallish tractor and a huge trailer, so the tractor was completely hidden and light leakage from the tractor’s lights was drowned out by the oncoming high beams. Through squinting eyes I could just now start to see the trailer in my own lights.

So I am doing 105 km/h and the tractor is probably doing about 5 km/h right now. The tractor is blocking the right shoulder. The trailer is very gradually starting to open a bit of space on the left side of my lane. The oncoming car is about to arrive in the opposing lane. I brake and try to steer around the trailer, but the braking slows me down just enough that I am going to be trying to pass the trailer at the same instant as the oncoming car. I try to split the difference.

I still have the memory of the car’s headlights going by so very close and fast. They must have opened up a bit of room on their side because I went through without any contract at all. My heart is going a million miles an hour and I pull off to the shoulder, but the other car and tractor are moving on like nothing happened.

I don’t think the tractor driver noticed anything amiss, but I have to wonder what it looked like to the driver of the oncoming car. Here’s a car closing on a clearly visible tractor as tremendous speed and not slowing down at all, then swerves halfway into his lane at the last second. If the tractor hadn’t been pulling off right there, if I had been along a second or two earlier, if the other driver hadn’t moved over a bit, it would have been a pretty awful collision and I doubt it would be obvious to the police why the dead guy in the Pontiac couldn’t see the tractor right in front of him.


Damn, that’s a frightening story! I think we often take for granted our safety on the road. I mean, I know the statistics say that driving is dangerous, but most of the time I don’t really feel it. Until something like @MikeJ 's story reminds me.