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Supposed to be in the 90s this week in Western Washington, possibly creeping up to 100. And I can speak for a bunch of folks around here that we aren’t really equipped for this, many of us don’t have air conditioning. Gonna be a sweaty week.


I was just on the Washington Coast this past weekend, and everyone was bracing for temps to rise to the mid-80s.

And I thought about just staying cause that sounded much nicer than the 100+ predicted for Portland.


Nope, Southern Oregon. Eastern, I think, is still generally hotter and definitely colder. Klamath Falls gets a lot colder than we do. Low tonight is 70 which seems… insane to me.

Unlike north of me, we are typically equipped for triple digits but getting above 103/4… pretty rare. 114 (Wed) would tax any A/C systems we have here. Costco was hell.


Heat index here has been ~102-105. Except for a break yesterday when a tropical storm barrelled through in 24 hours. Then we were in the high 80s. Back to the status quo today. In my area that means that there is essentially no cold tap water. The water lines are shallow here due to the water table. So a cold shower is a lukewarm shower. The only really cold drinking water comes from the fridge dispenser, which is fine, because the tap water tastes like shit without filtering.


Doesn’t look like a brown recluse. I should know, i’ve been bitten twice. Once i hobbled into a small town hospital with a leg so swollen they immediately refused to release me, took me back without ceremony, laid me on a table, and corkscrewed a hole in my leg, letting out a significant eruption of… yea. Don’t get bit by brown recluses. In fact i have a screwed up lymphatic system now and something like a systemic recurring infection.

But brown recluses don’t make webs, and they have a narrower body.


Twice?! Oh my god that sounds terrible. I can’t even imagine… I’ve been told they are here but not in great quantities. Like 1 or 2 a year at the ERs and everyone argues whether or not that person was really bitten here.


And not only is there a heat wave in western Washington, it’s also hazy as all hell due to the BC forest fires. Like even at ground level, it’s weird.


So we did a thing yesterday. Couldn’t be happier.


Congratulations, you lucky SOB!

:-D x Infinity


Congrats Brian! Where was it?


Thanks guys!

It was here!

Amazing all around. Wonderful food, amazing service, classy atmosphere, just an amazing place that I heartily recommend anyone in LA go to. :)


Congratulations, Brian. Welcome to the club. :)




Holy moly! Super Congrats Brian and your beautiful bride!


Thanks y’all!


Yea!!! So awesome! You two look fantastic :)


Congratz. That’s awesome.


Ha ha, your life is over! But in a good way. For the most part. But for reals, congratulations!


Now that you two are official, need to join us for game night one of these days. We can set aside Gloomhaven for a night :D


Woo @BrianRubincongrats man! You two look like a wonderful and happy couple.