Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


We’ll definitely have to get something on the calendar once life fully returns to normal.

Thanks everyone!


Congrats, Brian!


Completely. That’s a classic photo. Congratulations @BrianRubin and Mrs. Rubin!



But does she know she married the SPACESHIPS! dude from The Lego Movie?


Thanks guys!

Actually she loves both The Lego Movie and Charlie Day, so it’s golden. ;)


Congrats! :)

Edit: I originally just put “Grats!” but I realized this is kind of a little bigger of a deal in life than your Paladin hitting level 40. Ya know.


Yaaay! Congrats Brian and Mrs Brian! To infinity and beyond!


Thank you guys!


Did I miss the well-wishing extravaganza? If not, congrats!

If I did, then I’ll just sit in the corner and be gloomy.


Congratulations Brian.


Congrats!!! And lots of luck! The good kind!


Ooh, pretty girl!

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy—congrats to you both!


It’s finally here, last day of the summer school program at the refugee center! The building still stands, despite all our best efforts 😃 It’s been quite an experience. Much respect to the teachers who dedicate their lives to doing this all the time, it’s a high energy occupation for sure!


Beautiful picture. What a great experience to share. Thank you.


It definitely won’t return to same normal! Not that that’s a bad thing. Congrats, Brian!


Hah, thanks y’all!


I know I’m late, but… congratulations, Brian! All the best to both of you!


Thank you!


My brothers and I stopped in the Amazon bookstore in Portland today. Look, the QT3 reading shelf!


I went to GenCon and it was basically the best fucking thing ever. Then I wrote like 4 pages of shit about it and took a ton of pictures so go over here and read it: