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Ecstasy and Agony of Pancakes

I relaxed standards and let my kids order anything they wanted when we tried out a fancy pancake place for breakfast last Saturday. They BOTH ordered Oreo Pancakes. Yes, that’s ice cream on top. The 2nd pic of my daughter is roughly 7 minutes after the 1st pic. It felt like an episode of Andy Daly’s Review.


Ouch. She didn’t even get to finish it before she gained the wisdom to know not to.


For my own part I feel like everything you can add to basic pancakes apart from butter and maple syrup makes them worse. That includes all kinds of fruit, chocolate chips, whipped cream, ice cream, all that stuff.


Oh no!!! Banana and toasted almond or walnuts go great with pancakes.

But it looks like she didn’t even touch the pancakes. That looks like an “ugh…i ate all this ice cream so fast I feel sick” face, hehe.


Hm. Toasted almond… Hm. No! Get thee behind me!


I love blueberry pancakes. But I would agree with the general sentiment that piling on a lot of stuff is not am improvement.


Two stars!


Yeah, pancakes usually look better than they taste, IMO. Especially the fancy-pantsy ones.

It’s one of life’s great disappointments.

Bacon never lets you down, though.


Not if it’s cooked properly. But one of life’s true disappointments is ordering a BLT or similar and receiving slimy, transparent, barely-cooked bacon in the order.


The first thing a restaurant should do is partially cook a load of bacon first thing in the morning. It also seasons the flat top nicely. Then you pile it with wax paper between layers. Need bacon? Throw it back on for a minute or two and there you go, perfectly cooked in record time.


You people are nuts. Someone asks me if I want a pancake with Oreos on it I’m going to say fuck yes, load me up. I know fully well I am going to regret that decision going in but for about two minutes there I’m going to be the happiest dude you’ve ever seen.


Me too.

I’d eat pancakes with ice cream and oreos in a heartbeat.


But would you eat them. . . angrily?


I think I’d eat them with a big smile on my face. But I would angrily stare down anyone who looked at me like I shouldn’t be eating it.


I have confession to make. I don’t like Oreos.




By the time you got down to the pancakes they would be soggy. Yuch. Now whipped cream wouldn’t do that. :)


They aren’t my favorite cookie but they do feature in many desserts I enjoy greatly.

Buying a whole thing of them though? Nah. Only if they have some ridiculous flavor.

Birthday cake oreos taste a lot like Hydrox though, and those were always superior, so I usually go for those if I have to buy some cookies for something.

(and this ends the shit no one cares about rant…) :P


You just need to eat faster. Or partition your ice cream correctly. Perhaps ask for a bowl on the side to move it to.


But having it in a bowl on the side just isn’t the same thing. It’s an order of pancakes with ice cream on the side.