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True, so just eat it faster.

Surely though, there are better cakes to put under ice cream and oreo. Perhaps chocolate with some caramel and fudge.




I’m sure it’s just because my parents were cheap and always bought the less expensive cookie, but I developed a taste for them. :)

Holy shit:

Neat an NPR thing too:


Gingerbread pancakes with a big dollop of butter that melts through the layers is a pretty good alternative to buttermilk with maple syrup.


You know, I was about to agree that blueberries are the only thing you should ever put in pancakes, but then I remembered that these were the best pancakes I’ve ever had, from Bill’s Cafe in Pleasanton -


mmm, honey…


As mentioned upthread, it looks like I’m going the denture route. Well, the fix is in, so to speak. Saw the dentist. They’re all coming out, what few are left. I’ll probably go with a pair of implants to keep the lowers steady. Have to get it done before Oct. 1st. because our insurance changes then and Dog knows what that will entail. The coverage we have now pays 60% of dentures from in plan doctors and 50% of out of plan. The plates are not bad, but the implants are $1400 each. Surgical procedure.

As well this guy doesn’t put you to sleep. Pills and shots. Honestly I’m terrified.

More to come.


I haven’t had implants (yet), but I got the upper jawbone sawed with local anaesthesia, and while it was the most horrible, horrible noises/sensation I ever heard in my life (but I am utterly sensible to fingers on a board, or feet on concrete to begin with), I was surprised at how I didn’t feel a thing.
I may have been exceptionnally lucky, or the painkillers are getting really good.
Do you pay upfront for medical procedures in America? Such a different country!


No. It’ll be billed to insurance and then they will bill me for the difference.


The only root canal I had done required that I pay up front. But I recently went in to have another looked at (got away with a crown instead) and they were willing to bill me.


I’m going to take that out of context and bring it up at some point in the future. :)


Will he at least do a sedative? I was on a Valium drip when I had my wisdom teeth out. Don’t remember a thing about the procedure itself. Epic hangover, though.


No IV. Just some kind of pills. The wife says ‘happy pills’. I figure Valium. Which sucks. I’m 290 pounds. There is no way that he gives me enough. I have a serious tolerance built up after years of drug abuse. Of course I don’t want to mention this and be labeled a drug seeker. Especially if it affects the pain meds later on. I’m screwed, actually.

Edit: I mean, screwed in that, while the injections will no doubt avoid any pain, my anxiety will be at full evil power.

Edit2: It’s funny though. The dentist was checking my gums, where teeth were already gone, he asked me who did the work. I asked why. He said that the were no issues with bumps or inclusions. They were smooth. I told him that I did it. Because I did. When a tooth got really loose I would have a few shots and pull them myself. That and telling him that I was a bouncer for a long time makes him think that I’m a much tougher person than I actually am.


Not to minimize the impact of a bunch of extractions and implants all in a short period, but if all goes well any given procedure shouldn’t be too bad, so hopefully the full suite will at least be tolerable.

I’ve had two dental implant surgeries with associated extractions. The only drugs administered were topicals, whatever *caine they used. There was minimal pain after the first one, which advil could take care of, and none at all after the second. I was given 3-pill prescriptions for hydrocodone which turned out to be unnecessary. The worst part of both procedures was the needle for the *caine.


Do any dentists actually put you to sleep? I’ve never had one do that, no matter the procedure.

For years, I thought it was because they needed you to hold your mouth open, but then later on, I got to figuring that putting you out would require an actual anesthesiologist, which most dentists do not have on staff.

Or are you going to an oral surgeon? I think they might put you out, but I’m not sure, as I’ve never been to one of those.

In any case, you’ve got far better dental insurance than I do. I pay $41 per month, get free check-ups, cleanings and X-rays, but the insurance tops out at $1,000 per year, and won’t cover certain things. And as rarely as I go (fear of bad news - I generally only go when I’m in pain), I think I’d be better off sticking that $41 into a separate account.


I went to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth out and he put me completely under. I don’t remember much about that day, but my mother tells me I serenaded all the women in the office on my way out.


Years ago, I went to the ER because of a (my third) kidney stone. I was in obvious horrible pain, so they put me on a table and gave me a big shot of Dilaudid in my rump. It helped, but not enough. I asked for another. The doc okayed it, and that second shot REALLY put me over the top. I felt ultra-fine, man. I could still feel the pain, but no longer cared.

I’m normally very shy around a beautiful woman, but when a nurse came in to draw some blood, I immediately commented on how beautiful she looked (she thanked me; she appeared accustomed to this), and promptly asked her out for supper the next night. I thought nothing of it. My inhibitions went totally out the window. She replied that she was married. “No problem,” I said, “Bring your husband.”

“Um,” she replied, nodding at the doorway, where my girlfriend had come to drive me home when I was done there. She had somehow been standing there all this time I guess. “Is this your girlfriend?”

“Oh, hi, hon,” I said. “Would you like to come with?”

“He’s on drugs, isn’t he? I apologize for him.”

“No problem. This happens a lot. He’ll be back to normal in a couple hours.”

My one and only experience with Dilaudid. Great stuff. They would not send any home with me, however.


The pick up artist’s best friend: heavy painkillers.


Definitely helps take the shame out of the game.

Here’s another thing I remember about my wisdom tooth extraction, at least until the curtain came down - the oral surgeon put me on nitrous for a bit to ease my nervousness about the procedure, being put under, the local sports teams, etc. So they give me this nose gear thing with tubes going back to the tank, then tell me breathe deep, they’ll be back in a few minutes. I do exactly that, thinking to myself all the while that it’s doing nothing. I didn’t really feel different but I did notice that little giggles were creeping out the corner of my mouth while I’m trying to clamp down on them. Like you see with stoned people who have to pretend not to be high on TV.

Soon after, a nurse who had either been keeping an eye on me or was just passing quirks her eyebrow at me, says “I think I’ll just turn that down a bit.” Okey dokey, I say, not caring much either way. I sit that way for a few minutes listening to music until my surgeon comes back, glances at the dial on the nitrous and does a little double take, mutters “what the hell” under his breath and cranks the dial back up.

Shortly after that they inserted the IV, asked me to count back from ten and I don’t remember anything after that.


Meanwhile some of us get to enjoy having a new desk being built right into their jaws, nail by nail?!
Life is so unfair.


This guy has already said that he doesn’t do sleep.