Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


Don’t tell the deer what to do or you might not get the kill!


We have road signs in the south of the country warning of camels crossing. Very dangerous, especially at night.


There are still wild camels? I guess there are wild horses too, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.


Or even an elk. Those things can total a semi too. This probably goes without saying, but if you’re in the market for a new or new to you car, and you’re talking about renting the models you might be interested, get a real feel for it.

This surprises me too although for no real logical reason should it.


Wild? No, the Bedouins simply let them roam freely sometimes (They used to be a nomadic people). Along with donkeys. Also dangerous.


So my sister and her guy bought a giant house, fairly recently, out in the middle of some words, kind of a wetland area actually, and decided to rent out the old home.

They rented to a family from Turkey. It’s an interesting scenario for a couple of reasons. One is the lady’s need advance notice when he comes over so the guy can be there or they can cover up, they don’t wear their coverings when home alone, but they also wanted to do some painting and they consented. The neighbors are freaking out over the color of the garage, a dark blue, somewhat matches the houses trim. I just think these people are freaking out over… nothing. And their threatening to go to the city about it.

His position, they’re paying renters and the color fits them. I think it’s a very racist neighborhood, ritzy NJ. When my sister had her tires slashed years ago, and went to the neighbors, they said it probably wasn’t anything to really investigate and asked what she was, said she wasn’t all white.


My dad hit a bull in the middle of the road when we lived in Utah back in the 60’s. Nobody was hurt but it totaled out the station wagon.


Last week in Austria…

I guess you really where lucky Bob, although that probably doesn’t help much when having to deal with the aftermath…

Edit: this is not me / my car btw, luckily!!! Just got this image from the news…


Shhhhh, it’s sleeping.

Edit: On Reddit car mechanic subreddit some dude posted a pic of a fetus that must’ve popped out of mommy deer in the grill of a car after impact. That was some not safe for life shit.


Going out-of-country next Tuesday. This Tuesday, I had to teach a class for a government agency. Brought my laptop. Opened it, as you do, and the screen split in half, making it unusable without an external monitor. That’s OK. I have a spare laptop 15 months old, rarely used. Got out the spare today. Plugged in my mouse stick. Instantly killed the mobo entirely. 100% dead.

Now, during the BF season, while working overtime to get stuff done before I leave, and line controlling, I need to find a decent laptop. Blech!


The Battlefield season?
Google isn’t helping me.

But seriously, oof. That sucks hard. The money layout is tough enough, but I know that finding the time can be even worse. I put in 50 hours at work this past week, and 60 the week before. I had a bunch of personal stuff I needed to tend to after work, but ended up putting it all off until things settle down. But in this case, putting it off is not an option for you.


Black Friday! I worked tower this evening and could see the throngs of far-away shoppers with my binoculars. All the good deals are likely gone until Cyber Monday (from what I can tell, at least), so I’ll probably have to shell for an overpriced unit, as I need to accomplish tasks for work even while I’m on vacation.

Anyway, yeah, it really does kinda suck, and I’m glad that someone has been in a similar position. I am consoling myself with the blessing that neither of these laptop events occurred while I was actually abroad and on vacation. And since it is Thanksgiving, I guess it’s best to be grateful for the fact that I have a job and ability to travel and even get a new laptop!



[slaps forehead] Of course! I’ve even seen it here at Qt3 abbreviated that way recently, but I must be tired; it didn’t register.

Glad you’re able to see the bright side. When stuff like this happens to me, my internal financial calculator goes into action, and it can mess up my mood for days. Which is hard on my girlfriend too, so I need to work on my perspective. Usually, my perspective kicks in eventually, but my initial reaction is extreme negativity.

I’ll take a lesson from you right now though: But on the bright side, at least my screen didn’t crack, and my computer is running just fine. :)

Let us know what kind of a deal you manage to find. If you manage to find one.


The internal, financial calculator that I have is also a true annoyance. One of my coworkers can’t stand to see me research purchases. “Just buy the #$@! thing!”

I got hosed on the laptop. i5-7300HQ, 1050 Ti, 256GB SSD, blah blah, for ~$650 with cashback. It came with some HP virtual reality bullcrap bundle that I’ll have to try and sell. The closest place with it in stock was 60 miles away. Luckily a trainee at the fac has parents in the area and was heading that way, so he just picked it up for me. Silver lining.

Going to have to try and sell the VR junk, though I am certain that the markets will be flooded with people doing the same. :-/ Anyway, seems like a $150 premium for the privilege. Really kicking myself that I missed the HP Omen with better specs for $499 two weeks ago.


Your coworker is wrong. The hunt is half of the fun.


Agree. If I can’t say that I’m temporarily an expert in what I’m buying at the moment, I don’t consider it a truly informed purchase.


In re deer, driving home last night, on a day we had our first real snow of the season, I’m coming around a curve on 117, doing about 50 (the limit), and in my (thankfully very good) headlights I see a big-ass Bambi, I mean a ginormous doe, about ready to leave the shoulder and mosey across the two-lane. I brake, and start to swerve to the left (no oncoming cars), when she makes a good life decision and decides to sniff around the mailbox she’s next to some more. The truck behind me, also probably well aware of the propensity for these critters to wander around at night in November, is far enough behind me adjust accordingly, and I think he saw the deer right after I did.

Damn deer. Silly critters.


It’s my birthday, and I’m 50. Let the mid-life crisis begin…



Relocating to Lexington, Kentucky for work. Been here a few days (in an extended stay for my first week at the company). So far, I like! Any Lexingtonians here (or at least Kentuckians) with tips to share?


Happy Birthday!