Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


I live in Texas and work frequently in SoCal. My wife brings our 3 boys and 3 dogs out in our RV to visit a few weeks while I’m working. They were coming out this week until…

This location is 1/3rd of the cost of any other RV park in SoCal. Means I won’t be seeing my family for an extra month.


Dude, as someone working in Portland whose family is in Chicago? You have all my sympathies. That sucks. An extra month is not fun.


My youngest son just had his Senior night at High School last night for soccer. He is as old as Qt3.


Whelp I went to the physicians office today to see if I had cancer. I didn’t want to put this in the other topic because, he says I don’t have cancer. I was actually referred, so I was not the only one who thought I might and it took months to get in. I’ve been worrying about this for almost 4 months.

Pretty much everything he said is yeah this comes with age, this is heredity, oh yeah that can sometimes happen and… comes with age. He might as well as just said you’re getting old. And to top it off, it’s the first in my life a doctor walks through the door and my first thought it, he’s totally younger than I am. I guess that was bound to happen. hah.

But yes, I am happy! Getting older does just keep getting “better.”


Congrats on not having cancer!



My doctor was thinking that my recurring ulcer was the result of a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Fortunately it took a lot less than 4 months to find out he was wrong.


That’s awesome.

Yeah when your primary says you should see a specialist and then uses the C word it’s kind of scary.


So glad you’re clear, but 4 months? That seems like a criminal amount of time, especially if a person did have something malignant growing.


That’s what I told them when I made the appointment, it was only two months out but a week before they canceled and push it out just over a month. When you live in a small area, there is’t much you can do when the specialists are booked solid. I did tell them I wasn’t signing up for some sort of cosmetic thing, but it made no difference.

I really like this younger doctor though. He said there were a dozen cosmetic things they could do, read not covered by insurance, but he thought it would all be waste of time and money for me, and even though I notice these things most would not, except that one brown spot which he says is pretty little. Seems huge to me!


Dang, glad to hear that it all came back clear. Hearing that word, especially if you have a family history of it, is harrowing I’m sure.


Damn. So glad you’re okay!


So the wife got her hair done and got new glasses as well. It is amazing. She looks 20 years younger. It just blows me away. I have, as she says, a new wife. If she allows it I post before and after pics.

I’m sure that there will be a lot of “what is that hot chick doing with that ugly, fat old man.”


I’m sure you’re already practicing your new come-on lines to use on her.
Go ahead, try them out here first. We’ll be happy to advise you on which ones will work.
[also, I predict she will not allow it.]


My son’s tattoo is completed! He’s really happy with it, and I have to say, it looks amazing. We’re really happy with the guy that did it, I’m thinking about getting another tattoo myself by this guy. Here is how it looks and how it looked after the first half of the time in the chair for comparison.


He doesn’t resemble your avatar pic at all!


That happened to me earlier this year. The doctors delivering our baby looked like they were children themselves!


Some long-expected org-chart shuffling a couple of weeks ago has made it the first time in my life that my direct supervisor is younger than me. Age… bah!


Well I knew it was coming. Usually my providers are quite a bit older than I am but now, I sometimes get the young ones. I am not the oldest on my team, but I am now the most experienced and eldest in my little specialty area which makes quite sad. We actually have someone retiring this year, which pushes me more towards the middle of the pack on my team and further from the bottom of the young ones.

I have one young lady in my gaming group… we’re the first group of work friends she’s ever had and her job at my former site, is the first one she had out of college, as in a traditional student. so she was fresh out of college, first time being away from home, spent every weekend at home. She’s fun. She also comes from a smaller town than here, so she still gets excited about our crappy restaurants and sad little shopping areas.


Oh man. I started my real career 13 years late. Tell me about it.


High five! Mine is younger than me by like two months.

That said I would not be surprised if that state of affairs changes in a few months, as it seems I might be getting eyed for fast tracking.

But still!