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You’re only limited by you. The kind of work I do, in IT, there are a ton of degrees and also people without degrees. That piece of “paper” opens doors, but it doesn’t have to limit you. So, good luck with your future plans. Glad to have you here, and congratulations again.


It’s more of a comment people that study psychology in the first place.

As to my degree, I am not sure what to do with it. I am currently happy with my job, though I could use more money. Maybe for vacation time. And longer lunch breaks. Maybe some free donuts?


Sometimes that degree just gets you through HR so the department can even look at you. I’m just saying, keep doing what works for you, what makes you happy, but if you ever find yourself in doubt because of the name of your degree… you might be surprised at how many people have different types of degrees who do the same job. That’s all.


I appreciate that!

I’m still wondering whether to let my job know. It’s not exactly a huge boon in 401(k) administration, not compared to getting my Qualified 401(k) Administration Certification (QKA).


Had a very interesting experience today. The after school tutoring program that I volunteer at took the day off because of parent teacher conferences at the schools. Those of us who drive kids normally were asked instead to help parents get to their conferences. So I picked up the mom of a high schooler.

First, there was confusion about time…she got the school flyer that just said 9 to 7, but the coordinator didn’t tell her when I was coming to pick her up. I got there at 4 as I’d told the coordinator, fortunately in time to get there and do the conferences.

Turns out, she speaks zero English. Well, technically two words: “no English.” So it was a bit of pantomime to explain that I was just the driver, had no idea what she was saying, but that there would be a translator at the school.

Also, she can’t walk easily, has to use a walking stick. Really should have a wheelchair, but that wasn’t an option. So I had to help her into the building and over to the library where the administration of conferences was set up. And then I walked around asking people until we found the right translator.

Pretty rough so far, yeah? Sounds like typical government organization inefficiency. But here’s where it gets better. The lady in charge of coordinating non-English speaker conferences was amazing. Took charge, got the list of teachers pulled up, got the translator settled, found a comfortable place for the mom to sit and brought the teachers right to her.

The whole experience really brought home to me how difficult even simple things can be when you’re in a strange place, not knowing the language and not very mobile. And how much difference it can make to have just a few people helping out to get past the hurdles in the way.


Isn’t there a speech to google translate tool? Would that work in a case like this?


Yeah, but those translation apps are better in theory than practice, especially outside of major languages. In this case I didn’t even try, having been warned that translation for Kirwandan is basically nonexistent in practice. But hopefully technology will triumph in the end and create us a Babelfish!


Babelfish presented by Microsoft:

It looks like you are trying to translate Kirwandan, please insert disc 3 to install the Central African languages pack

My son in is 8. Don’t forget TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE (sponsored translation) his backpack

You may also want to translate with the following people speaking these languages
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David Kirundi


We found a place to live in Mexico. It won’t be available until mid-December, but that fits perfectly with our timetable.

2000 sq. ft townhouse in a gated community. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, new kitchen with granite countertops. Half a block to one of the main streets for shopping and dining, 6 blocks to the other, and 5 minute drive to the beach. Plus our street is paved, which only half of them in Puerto Penasco are.

The rent? $500/month :)))))


Damn that’s awesome. Congrats!


Thanks. We got it through dumb luck, having struck out with a realtor. A waitress overheard us talking during lunch and told us about a vacancy coming up in her friend’s complex.


Take photos when you can.
Because I’m having trouble believing this.


Took some last weekend. Disclaimer - the furniture belongs to the occupant of an identical unit next door.


Interesting and looks fantastic for the price. In that first photo are those Halloween decorations? How do they celebrate it in Mexico? I hope that’s not a real giant spider!


I gotta admit that from what I can tell, it looks good.
But 2,000 square feet of modern amenities for $500/month is just something I cannot wrap my head around.
Definitely please keep us updated, because this is beginning to appeal to me.
If I can stay alive long enough to retire (seven more years to 65), I know I won’t have much to live on, so something like this seems too good to be true.

I mean, right now I’m living in a maybe 900 square foot mobile home that I own, but lot rent is constantly increasing, along with many other expenses, and getting twice the square feet for about the same amount of money would be quite tempting. I’m happy where I’m at, but the one single thing I wish for more than anything is room.


Did you ever play Grim Fandango?


That is a Halloween decoration. Two other residents of the complex are expats, but as divedivedive pointed out, Dia de los Muertos is a big deal.

As to the rent, unless you’re living in the heart of Mexico City or in a condo on the beach in a resort town like Cancun (or even Penasco), that’s in keeping with the market. Outside of beachfront property, no place in Puerto Penasco rents for more than $700-$750

That’s what makes it so attractive to retirees, esp those like us who will be relying on Social Security. You can live a very nice, comfortable life for less than $1500/month.

Oh and Giles, mobile home lots there are really cheap. A lot of expats live in one, and while we were looking I saw some that were quite nice.


Can I ask a dumb question. What happens if you get sick there and need hospitalization?


Putting aside for a moment the fact that millions of Mexicans go to the hospital and manage to come out alive, we’re only an hour South of the border.

If you’re asking about the cost of healthcare, it’s cheap. Plus there’s government insurance available (IMSS) and if I need something major done I will have Medicare available.


I was thinking of something very major. I wasn’t sure if you’d stay and do it there, or come back over the border.