Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


Chicago roads have claimed many a runner. And tire.

Sorry to hear that, hopefully it’s a smooth healing from here out.


Aw man, that’s a bummer. Thoughts and prayers ;)

I had this amazing rotating gout flare that lasted nearly a month that seems to have finally calmed down.

Recommendation: Don’t have whatever gene makes you susceptible to gout. Holy shit is it miserable.


Can they do that outpatient or do you need to stay in for a bit to keep it in traction?


It’s outpatient…supposed to be a 45 min surgery and then I go home, albeit under orders to stay off the foot and keep it elevated. The doc said I’ll be able to move around fairly well (on crutches), sit at the computer, etc after a couple of days. And that’s how it’ll stay for about 8 weeks.

My parents had been asking if I wanted to come see them for Thanksgiving, so I just turned the tables on them and now they’re coming here for a couple of weeks. Free at-home care. :)


Oh that’s nice! :)


My wife and I went to a wedding for a former work friends of her’s in NJ this weekend. We hadn’t seen the bride for a while, but she really wanted us to be there and many past and present staff members would be there as well (she used to work at in the speech department of a children’s hospital). I would tag along as my wife’s date (there were a group of husbands that were tagging along, and we all knew each other as such and such’s husband).

Anyway, the wedding had a limo to shuttle people from the selected (not very expansive hotel but very nice) hotel and we got in with 3 other ladies around out age. Despite the fact that we didn’t know them at all, and my wife hadn’t worked in NJ for over 5 years, when she introduced herself, they all recognized her. It seems that even after she left, my wife, a speech aid for the department, had left a positive impression and that stories of what she did still float around. They were excited to finally meet her.

It goes to show you how you can make a big impact and leave a lasting impression at any level. Today I am celebrating my 8th year of marriage to a most wonderful woman.


Awesome Lego!


Two days late but congratulations.


All done! Dr. Bohay says it all went according to plan. I’m now the proud owner of a metal pin holding together the bone in my foot.

Of course, now comes the fun of two weeks of basically no mobility and then six more limited. But hey, sitting around and watching the snow fall is a good way to spend a Michigan winter anyway.

Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker, Thirteenth Doctor

Glad the surgery is over and you get to rest. Nice reading choice. It seems to be quite popular here on Qt3.


I’ve always wondered how screws work when undergoing bone surgery. Are they those invisible screws that you need a magnet to turn?


I have no idea! I have an xray image showing the pin and cable assembly that’s holding the bone together but no one ever said anything about what they’re made of.


Usually some form of stainless steel or titanium.


Looks like you have an excellent book to read while recovering, though. Oh, Matt commented on that already. Well, get well soon!


This anecdote regards a dream, which many people don’t consider interesting. So skip it if you don’t care about those stories.

Sometimes my wife wakes up and informs me that she had a terrible dream in which a dream-me did or said something inconsiderate to her. Such a thing would be out of character for me, so I don’t feel like I need to apologize for something that came up completely inside her head. But I usually wind up apologizing anyway.

The night before last, the tables were turned. I had a dream where she tells me that she had ordered a llama for the house. I don’t think that’s such a wise decision, especially because of the expense and effort, but she says she has already ordered several crates of fencing and I should put those up. That’s when I really get angry, because I suddenly remember that the fencing was for the giraffe that had arrived three days ago that she hadn’t even taken care of yet. In fact, I also remember, the giraffe was still in its crate. Hadn’t anyone fed it? What if it’s starving? What if people find out we are terrible at taking care of such large animals? How did we even get into this position?

I wake up, and I am seething mad. Even after I realize that in real life, we don’t plan on acquiring any large animals. I tell my wife about the dream, and she thinks its funny. I guess it is sort of funny, but I am still steamed about the plight of the poor giraffe, and it takes hours for my anger to dissipate. Even though there was nothing for me to get mad about. The closest thing to real life the dream could have been built on, I guess, is sometimes she doesn’t water her houseplants consistently. Or maybe I’m just stressed out about the pregnancy (due in April).


Hey congratulations on the incoming rugrat!

Doesn’t she know that all dreams mean their opposite? Yeah, I don’t get it either, but the pinoy side of my family all says the same thing. So if you were being inconsiderate, that just means you never would in the waking world.

Apparently I once growled out ‘I will kill you’ repeatedly while sleeping, freaking her the fuck out. I just told her hey, opposite time right? Didn’t go over that well =)


Uh, that would be a ‘yes.’

When my wife was pregnant with our first, I had a dream I’ve never forgotten. In the dream, I was the one expecting and delivering the baby. After the doctor delivered, they placed the baby on my stomach. My wife, standing nearby, told me the baby’s name was Medusa, and that they would never, ever sever the umbilical cord. Talk about an anxiety dream.

So, is this your first?


I have two metal staples in my right knee. I have had them since I was 12. When I was young I assumed they would be removed at some point, but I don’t think that is going to happen now.


Just use one of these, bro.


Thanks, Gendal. I dunno about that “dreams meaning their opposite thing” either. Does that mean that every time someone you know shows up in your dreams and does something good or fun, they wouldn’t ever do that in real life?

Yep, it’s my first rodeo. Did you wind up naming your child Medusa? Because that’s a cool name and a great reason for it, even if the baby’s hair wasn’t made of snakes.