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That’s awesome. Congrats!


Congratulations. What a nice local news story too.




Mazel Tov. And best of all she won’t look like you when she grows up . (I keed)


Congrats! You are awesome.


She’s quite the cutie! Looks like she’s taken quite the shine to you two, congrats :)




Congratulations on your new baby!


I went in to the dentist complaining of tooth pain and said that I must have cavities. He looked around and said that I was in fact in possession of better dental health than last year.

Eventually I went to the ENT, because I couldn’t breathe through my nose, and I kept getting sinus infections. She’s an amazing physician and took a look. Said she was shocked that my nose was completely occluded. Did a CT scan. Found excessive, deformed bone growth, along with a septum so deviated that it was impacting the walls of laterally. Additionally, one said entirely lacked an opening to the maxillary sinus where an opening should be, but that couldn’t be seen normally because of the extreme deformation and hypertrophy of the turbinates.

But she figured out why I had all the pain. A growth inside my right maxillary sinus that was the size of 1/2 of the cavity itself.

Yesterday I had four surgical procedures done, some bone removed, etc, over the. Gah it’s been a painful experience! However, I have been trying to lose some weight, so I thanked them for helping in that regard, and asked them to next time please take it from the belly, rather than the skull. :P

Even with the incredible crusting, swelling, and interior splints, I can breathe through my nose…which I guess I haven’t done for 2-3 years now, thinking back on it.


Good luck @Hal9000! Sounds scarily similar to what I went through four years ago. Hopefully your situation isn’t all that.

If you have ongoing crusts and such in your sinuses/nostrils, I can’t recommend a regimen of Ponaris (herbal droplets you put up in there) and saline rinsing (the NeilMed bottle is most common) enough. I went from a miserable hour of my ENT cranking on my head twice a year to… Nothing.

Stuff can be quite unpleasant. Happy to share my hard earned wisdom, as it were ;)


@Adam_B, thank you for the tips. As you can probably tell, I am still not entirely lucid. My crusting is just awful, though. Where can I get Ponaris if you don’t mind me asking? I will have someone fetch it ASAP for me, unless I become cognizant enough to drive, which I am certainly not yet.

I remember your story, and mine is not one that is scary, luckily…just bizarre and inconvenient. Also, at the moment, painful. But yes, ANYTHING to stop this crusting. Where they punched a hold through is ridiculously bad. Obviously I have not been able to sleep for a number of reasons, but that sounds very helpful.


This is pretty recent, and I hope it counts as interesting.

I’ve spent this semester as a visiting scholar at the Brantford Games Network Lab at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario. It has been an incredible experience, and I have had the opportunity to meet great people, learn a lot, and play many good games. Tomorrow morning I head back home to Norway, inspired to put my experiences here to work in completing the second half of my PhD.

Past-Jørn even made a good job planning for this departure: By packing two half-full suitcases when going over here, Present-Jørn has have two full-packed suitcases that I am even able to close without sitting on them!


Just curious, but does the game playing tie in with the university?

Anyway, glad you had such a great time.


My wife (who has a PhD in microbiology) is pretty adamant that you should not use this with tap water. Because you could get… BRAIN EATING AMOEBAS!

Ok, so, you probably have a better chance of winning the Powerball, BUT, if you DO get a brain eating amoeba it’s a death sentence.

Use distilled water and/or a filtered sinus cleanse designed for tap water.


There are about 3 cases per year of this in the U.S. leading to death. It’s not at all clear that they’re universally fatal. The amoeba is relatively common, and people have been found to have antibodies for them. It’s possible people usually fight off infections without symptoms. But, like rabies (which has a similar incidence in the U.S.), if you develop symptoms, you probably won’t survive. You’re also 10x more likely to get the infection from swimming than from irrigating your nose. And compare to, say, the incidence of death from skin cancer, which about 18,000 people die of every year in the U.S. You’re far better off worrying about sunburn (getting 5 in your lifetime doubles your risk of melanoma) than about amoebas. That said, it is prudent to irrigate your nose with distilled water.


Please never repeat this line out of context!


… like you just did? :-)


I had to order Ponaris from Amazon. It’s annoyingly expensive, but for me at least well worth it.

I have heard about the amoeba thing, yeah. I use my electric teakettle to boil water to make my coffee in the morning, and use yesterday’s boiled water to rinse.


Thanks Adam. Ordered a pack if. $15 is a little pricey but I’m willing to chance it, especially since I still have to go back in for rounds 2-4 of them mucking around inside my head.