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Good question! I work with Game-Based learning (in an interdisciplinary fisheries science context), and visited the BGBLab to learn more about how they work with using games for different purposes, such as education. As the program they offer is in game design, they have a large collection of boardgames that they use to show different mechanics an systems. Much of the game-playing was for recreation, but there are many games that have potential for modification for use in teaching or illustrating systems and processes that are useful to play with other educators/researchers. Since games are also a very influential medium, they are also a good object for research.

Also, since they have all the games, they have a frequent “freeplay friday” evening event where the community can come and play games (including student prototypes). That’s great outreach :)


Nice. Good luck!

Everyone is different, but for me what works really well is this:

At bedtime, Ponaris into each nostril. Couple drops each. Tilt head back so it runs back into where it needs to be.

In the morning, NeilMed bottle. One squeeze in each nostril. Leave the back of your mouth open so it can flow back - if a little runs down the back into your mouth, you’re doing it right. Blow nose afterwards, and if it’s anything like my situation you’ll blow out a ton of junk.

Since you’re still recovering from surgery you probably need to avoid or be gentle with the blowing, but that’s the routine I’ve settled on and it’s made a huge difference in my quality of life.


Depending on your tea kettle, this might not actually be enough. The NeliMed documentation says to have it boil for 5 minutes. My kettle brings the water just to a boil and then auto shuts off.

But then again, my ENT told me that tap water where we live was safe to use.


Yeah I’m not super concerned about it. I’ve even been known to rinse using tap water when I really need a rinse and I don’t have any purified water on hand.

OTOH, it’s possible the amoebas have already taken over my brain and I don’t even know it. How could I?


I have heard of people boiling their water before using it. My local radio station spent an hour on this the other day because some woman in Washington died from the amoeba’s mushing out part of her brain and the radio guy is a heavy nedipot user.



Broken image links do cause me to doubt myself, that’s true.


I was going to make this case. You need to sterilize the water first before doing netipot. With the country heating up, there will be many more infectious agents ready to colonize water and thus your mucosal membranes. And even if a person had treated water via city, you can’t guarantee that from the city treatment center, through the pipes, and out your faucet is going to be clear. Just on the inside of faucets you can have a large collection of bacteria and algae growing.


The water filter in my fridge is rated to filter amoebas. I don’t even cook with tap water.




According to the sheet that comes with it it filters particles larger than .5 microns. The average amoeba is 250 to 750 microns. I’ll look for a pdf when I get a chance.


Hah sorry wasn’t doubting your claim so much as for a product link for possibly buying one, because that would be convenient.


Oh, hey, no problem. It’s an EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 1. No doubt any newer fridge has a comparable one.


The radio show I spoke about above had a biologist call in who said there was no way she would ever use a netipot and that most water filters are useless against bacteria. Pretty scary stuff.


I wouldn’t use one regardless of the amoebas. I think they are gross and disgusting.


I don’t have a neti pot, but I do use a filtered, boiled saline rinse.


I discovered that my return ticket had only one checked in luggage included, and that overweight luggage is expensive. That said, worth it:


Whoa AWESOME! Can I come over and play?


Sure, let me know when you’re in Tromsø!


Impressive! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to ship it home though?