Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


Probably, but I didn’t plan it out. It worked out, though.


Ah, ok. Bit hard to send then home from the airport indeed. Anyway: welcome back to Europe! ;-)


We took posession of our new home in Puerto Penaasco yesterday and I learned some interesting things about life there:

  1. There is no snail mail service. None, Utility bills are slipped under the door, or (for a premium) can be emailed to you. If we want to mail something like a birthday card, we have to drive back across the border to do it.

  2. Every house has a weighted metal pole-and-anchor thing outside to hold trash cans in place when you put them out for collection? Why? So the stray digs wandeirng around don’t knock them over when they attempt to go through them. It’s also recommended that we drill holes in our trash can, because otherwise it will be stolen by people who might wse them for storage or collect water.

  3. There are no city gas lines, so the house isn’t heated (we already knew this and have to pick up a couple of space heaters). The water heater and the stove run off of propane tanks outside, which we have to monitor and refill as needed.

All of that said, water and electricity will each run us about $15/month. Last night we took our friends out to dinner to a neighborhood seafood house they like. Strictly geared to locals, dinner for the four of us came to $26 plus tip :)

We’ll be moving down around Jan 15.




Master. We’re in a tight spot.


Seems bizarre that it costs more to get a bill emailed than it does to get it hand-delivered. Can you set up auto-pay?


I don’t understand it myself. I don’t think you can pay with a US debit card or credit card at all. Standard procedure for expats seems to be walking in with cash.

All of this is, or course, second hand. We’ll find out more once we actually move.


Indeed. Which is why we’re moving down.


I find it pretty cool that despite the song and turn of phrase, you’re actually ON the oceanfront property in Arizona, if only a few miles across the strip in Mexico.

Speaking of, how is the commute back in? Where’s your nearest airport and whatnot? And how has the language barrier been?


Since the major industry is now tourism, and there is a huge expat population, English is widely spoken. I’ve only run into a language barrier a couple of times so far. Funnily enough, once was at dinner the other night. No one working spoke English, and Google insisted on translating something on the menu as a “callous”.

There is an airport in Puerto Penasco, but no flights form the US. There there are persistent rumors that they’ll be starting in the next few months. For now you have to drive 3-4 hours to Phoenix or Tucson and fly in and out through one or the other.


I’m jealous, it sounds like a great life on the beach. Cheers to you both!


Thank you. I’m looking forward to the adventure.


Beaches are horrible. Just the worst. There is blazing hot sad, freezing cold water. Plus, sand, which gets between your toes. And sand that gets in your things. And sand that gets in your eyes if there is a strong wind. And then it’s hard to remove the sand, because if you wish it off, more sand gets stuck to you and more sand gets between your toes. It’s the worst!

I have to be honest, I’m just not fond of beaches,



Kidding. I don’t think you’ll turn evil.

But just in case I’m going to ask you stay away from any daycare centers.


Forgive them father, they know not what they do (probably because of the sand).


Any worries that rents could get seriously jacked up if those US flights start coming in? Is buying property a possibility/option?


Not really, no. Americans have been flocking in from Arizona (and, to a lesser extent, from California) for decades. The flights will just make it easier for family and friends to visit.

I didn’t look too closely at it since we were only interested in renting, but from my understanding it’s still not advised, since Americans don’t own the land.


Is it a safe drive from the Tucson area? I’m interested in maybe spending some time down there.

@Adam_B, I got my Ponaris today. So much more sludge came out! Gross. But it made all the lesions feel much better. Doesn’t taste absolutely terrible, either. I am going in tomorrow and they are going to try and address my ongoing bleeding from where they removed some bones.

Hoping it goes well!


Good luck!

I dunno how much it’s affected you, but one thing my doc told me that helped a lot is that a surgery like I had doesn’t look like anything to other people, but it’s in fact a super invasive and rough thing to go through. That can be tough to square mentally sometimes. Just hearing that from the doc and being validated that yes, all these feelings and symptoms are real, made a real difference to me anyway.


@Hal9000 - Absolutely safe. It’s in the “hassle-free” zone, so no permit is needed. Half the time we don’t even get stopped at the border on the way in. The only thing you need to be mindful of is the change to the metric system as far as speed limits go. Sonoyta (the town at the border) is a particularly nasty speed trap.