Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


The CRS on the metro shook me down for a bribe.
On my knees for the sergeant when my passport arrived.
Yeah, I’ll search the world over for my angel in black.
Yeah, search the world over for a Euro-trash Girl.


That record actually holds up all right.

Fight me.


This isn’t interesting so much as I just need to vent a little so this seemed like the best thread.

My wife’s dad passed away yesterday morning, after five+ years of living in a post-stroke, dementia-riddled haze. He hasn’t been particularly “there” for a few years, just sort of present when we have family get togethers, etc. He had a very long, full life, adventures in work and leisure, had kids, grandkids, and a life partner in my mother-in-law that was with him to the end. So no regrets for his life or experiences, though I do wish I would have had more time with him before he started fading, and that he was able to fully meet my 7 and 5yo daughters. He was a great role model, lived life to the fullest, and even managed to teach me how to change the brakes in my car.

My mother-in-law took care of him at home for as long as she could but eventually it was understandably too much. She found a recommended residential care home and he moved there several months ago. From everything I can see, they took good care of him there but time and infections caught up and he passed away comfortably while resting yesterday.

It was an emotional day but I’m currently fuming over the home owner’s callous statement to my mother-in-law that she owed an additional month’s payment for January, even though he had died literally less than an hour ago. I didn’t find out about this until later as I was in another room at that moment. I just can’t believe someone would be so low as to say that to a grieving widow. The owner has been very money-focused the entire few months that he was a resident there but this was just beyond anything remotely civil to me. We’re currently investigating the details of the contract that was signed to see if this is even true. Just really pissed off that it would come up like that, when he was barely cold on his bed. The monthly bill is pretty substantial so it’s not some sort of minor exit fee, or whatever else it might be called. Will know more as soon as we’re able to go through the contract and verify her demand.


You’re not wrong to be incensed. Fuck that guy.


It’s somehow worse that the owner is a woman too, who also is deeply religious and constantly said how she was praying for him, wanted us to tell him to go to the light, etc.


WTF? Was she expecting a 30-day written notice or something?


We’re going by there after work today to talk to her, tell her to not discuss this again with our mother-in-law, remove any of his possessions from his room to fulfill the contract, etc. Should be fun. My brother-in-law is just about the nicest guy I’ve ever met but we’re not going to let this woman try and scam our MIL.


Geezus, what a fuckstick.


That’s horrible. I don’t see how someone can claim the’re praying for someone’s soul and well-being and then do that.

A week or so, sometimes a full month, is usually more appropriate and considerate, give the family time to not worry about such things.


Sorry to hear that, rowe, both the loss of your father-in-law and the way that person acted toward his wife.


Or in this case, never, since I don’t see anything at all about some sort of future payment provision. She’s just trying to steal money from her as far as I can see. Will hopefully settle this once and for all in an hour when we head over there. Fun times, thanks for the support Qt3!


I’m assuming the bill is legit of course. If it’s not well maybe that’s why she harassed your family so quickly, trying to get a quick check while emotions are high. The makes her scum, as you said.


When my mother-in-law passed they waited several weeks before bringing up money, but then my wife spent months dealing with them over what they claimed was owed.


After you have all his things, tell her that if she wants January payment, she is welcome to attempt to collect it from your father-in-law. Given that she is already collecting 11 days worth of December payment for which no services will have been rendered, she’s been fairly compensated. I have never heard of a hospice or nursing home attempting to collect a month’s payment for the month following the death of a resident. Seems shady and completely inappropriate to bring up only hours after the resident’s passing.

My condolences to your wife and her family.


Yeah, we went over there yesterday. She walked back that “you owe another month” so quickly once she realized we were on to her. She’s just a natural liar, talking out her ass, and trying to get as much money as possible from her vulnerable customers. Absolutely disgusting. Contractually they actually owe my MIL $1,000 so I made damn sure to bring that up and point it out last night. I am not this woman’s favorite person. There were several other horribly inappropriate and rage-inducing things that she said while we were there as well. Just glad to be done with her. Will leave her negative reviews anywhere I can find once this is all settled.


Good man. People like that need to be called on their greed and BS, and slapped down hard as frequently as possible. I’d have done the exact same in your situation, including hounding her business with poor reviews and a complaint to the BBB. I raise my glass to you sir, though sadly it contains only iced coffee at the moment.


Ha, thanks! Waiting until we get the $1,000 check back before leaving any reviews to avoid further complications. I just feel bad for the four other sweet older folks that are currently under her care in the house. Hopefully their families can afford whatever grifting she’s managing to do involving them.


Good for you @rowe33! That is awful.

There is no shortage of awful people who prey on the elderly, and they should all be thrown out of the nearest airlock. We had to deal with a bunch of fraudsters with my mom as her dementia got worse, and it was absolutely infuriating.


Good for you. That’s terrible and might actually fall under fraud. It’s not something anyone should have to deal with and it’s probably more of a hassle than it’s worth. I imagine this “trick” of hers has worked on other families in the past.


You might tip off the state or a local news station to do some investigative work to see howw prevalent her grifting is.