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So I live in Minnesota and apparently we’re all gonna die:


High of -12. FML.


I was reminded recently (by @marquac kindly wishing me well) that I hadn’t posted an update on the foot. It’s a good news-bad news situation.

Good: I’m mobile, even out of The Boot as of a week or so ago. Saw the doctor, x-rays show fully healed bone, given the go-ahead to resume normal activity. Basically he said “stop if it hurts, otherwise do whatever you like.”

Bad: It still hurts when I run. It’s too cold to go outside much, but I’ve been trying the treadmill at the gym. The back part of my foot where the break was is fine, I barely notice it at all. But the front/upper part, right behind the toes, is not cool at all.

So I’m starting to think the diagnosis was incomplete way back when I first broke the thing. Yes, there was a broken bone and it’s been fixed now, but clearly something else is wrong too. Going to have to go back to the doc and see what he has to say about it.


I don’t know how (or if) you eased your way back into running. Remember, everything else in your ankle & foot were immobilized while in the boot. While your broken bone was busy healing, all the other bits were busy atrophying. You probably need to start with brisk walking, then slowly move into walk-jog-walk. PT can help, but if that’s not covered by insurance you can find a bunch of exercises on line. Simple-sounding stuff like using your toes to bunch up a towel, just to get some strength back in those parts of the foot. Lots of gentle stretching.

None of that is actual professional advice! My main qualification is experience rehabbing many leg injuries incurred from 30 years of rec-level over-30 soccer. None of those injuries involved a boot.

My latest (and possibly final soccer-inflicted) injury is a medial ankle sprain last June. Royal pain, because those ligaments have really limited blood supply. The posterior tibialis tendon (wraps around under the bump on the inside of the ankle) I think is pretty well healed, but I’m still having trouble with what I think is the uppermost section of the deltoid ligament. Have started light jogging, but I’m having issues with tendonitis just below the knee (that I had a couple of years ago, and thought was fully healed). Ain’t being old grand?


That’s good advice. I did start slow - a few days of just normal walking around, a few more days of using the elliptical machine at the gym, then tried the treadmill. But who knows, maybe it wasn’t slow enough! Checking out those exercises online is a good idea, I’ll try it out.

Amen, brother. Weren’t we promised rejuvenation treatments by now?


Yep, he’s been really incredible. Makes my decision to leave my beloved mountains worth it, because my last fac was turning into Mos Eisley.

OTOH, due to the backlog with HR, no one knows when I’ll officially be gained at the new fac.

Blech! Better not be another shutdown.


I know that usually cats don’t smell bad. TireReviews They have a neutral smell, but it much funnier and more interesting rather alone.


Man. Back went out at 4pm last night. Immobilized on floor for two hours. Made excruciating climb off floor and into bed at 6. Up this morning at 6am, survived visit to chiropractor and returned home. Pain from intolerable to awful over last 16 hours.

Do not recommend. Woof.


Back pain sucks like few other things. Hope you’re feeling better.


Ouch! Only had minor back issues myself but even those are terrible. Here’s hoping it’s a treatable and/or temporary condition!


Thanks! Chiro helped, I really like my guy. Next couple days are going to still suck pretty bad though probably.


I had back pain caused in no small part do to work stress and weight. My doctor suggested simple leg stretches, and it really helped. It also helped that I changed jobs.


Yeah I’ve been awful about taking care of myself for the last few months, just in terms of moving my body, stretching, and hydrating. It’s not a mystery why this happened, heh.


Simple answer Adam, get outside more. Why don’t you go for a walk, right now?

Actually, on second thought…

Hope that you find something that works for the next few days.


My furnace got the house from 62 to 64 over the last 3 hours. Progress!


Been going to PT for about 4 months now for (what I thought) was minor back pain. What I’ve come to realize is that I was worse off than I originally thought, but it still could have been a whole lot worse. Getting old sucks.

Oh yeah, and I’ve become convinced to become more regular at the gym as I approach my 40s.


I used to have that happen every few years until a doctor finally convinced me to join a gym. Sure, I lost 10 pounds but the real benefit was to my back. Almost 20 years now and I haven’t had any extended pains. Just stretching it and strengthening your legs and back make a major difference.


Joining the gym isn’t the hard part. ;)


As a fellow back pain sufferer, I wish you a speedy recovery. My worst incident happened emptying the dishwasher. Luckily, the kitchen table was close and I was able to crawl over and hoist myself up on to a chair.


Yes, about 10 years ago I shot my back lifting a tyre out of the boot (I used Google Translate to convert that into America: “lifting a tire out of the trunk”), immobilised me for nearly 5 days. That convinced me to finally get serious about the local gym, and it helped dramatically, not to mention making me a lot stronger. Deadlifts are fantastic. The only times I’ve injured myself since have been when I’ve stopped going to the gym for a while due to work / travel.