Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


Foot update - Ran a mile and a half today (treadmill, of course, it’s icy out there) and it only kinda hurt! Good advice from @gruntled, found some basic therapy exercises online and been doing them daily - gotta believe those are helping. Still aches, more so after impact exercise, but not the sharp pains I was getting before. Progress!


So how did that end up going? well I hope?


Probably skirting the edge of what might be considered interesting, but I just dropped off my son at school and as we turned the corner he got a bit of a biology lesson: two raccoons having, uh, relations right in the middle of the street. I had the Beatles’ “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” going through my head.


And I thought of the old joke about Native Americans naming their kids.


Last week I was telling my son about Buffalo Wild Wing’s habanero mango sauce, which I love but which hates me back. Last night he was out with his friends and they got over to Wild Wing’s and he got to try them first hand - he loved them, I knew he would, and he ate like a dozen of them.

He was in the bathroom this morning, and decided to create a poem, which I thought was genius.



While the belly rumbles
It’s winter of discontent
The springy anticipations
Of the meals savory smell


So the wife wakes me up this morning. She is so happy. So, of course, I am worried.

“I bought you another birthday present! It’s in the garage.”
“Don’t buy me more stuff. Going back to sleep.”

Needless to say, I got up and she had gotten me this.

Fuck you Discourse.

Quality Honda engine. It’s literally as dangerous as a gun. I have been doing research all day.

So is she a keeper? Maybe this will help the decision.

She had a neighbor come in and build me this thing.


If you don’t already, it seems you got an expansion to the honey-do list coming…


Exactly my first thought


To me that’s the equivalent of getting your wife a vacuum for her birthday.


To answer Rich’s question:. Yes, she’s absolutely a keeper, even if you are getting setup for some work. I’d love for my wife to get me a pressure washer like that :drool:


Went to the grocery store. It’s a bag-your-own place, so I’m down at the end of the aisle plopping my stuff into bags. I’m moving fast, 'cause I take no small amount of pride in my bagging skills and getting the heck out of there before the next customer’s groceries hit the belt.

Moving too fast, as I would soon learn.

I dropped a 2-liter plastic bottle of diet soda. The cap explodes off. The bottle takes off like a rocket, shooting along the freshly polished floor past the other checkstands, leaving a massive rooster tail in its wake. It makes it all the way down to the exit doors, forcing people to scatter to get the hell out of the way. It slid under a rack of sale items that divide the entrance and exits, and finally came to a stop a few yards from produce.

My god it was glorious.

Not sure if I’m allowed back in that store.


That’s just too awesome!


So did you make a hasty exit or just stand there and blink perhaps?


Or maybe a victory dance!


In the aftermath, everything grew still. I expect it’s not dissimilar from the scene of a natural disaster, where everyone is coming to grips with what just happened. It felt like minutes, but was probably only a few seconds. I stared at the trail of soda, and took a deep breath. My face grew hot as everyone’s eyes followed that trail to its clumsy source.

Then, I apologized to everyone in range and slunk the heck out of there.


How can everyone have smartphones and yet no video of this glorious moment!?!


Well, it did happen pretty fast. I’m pretty sure the bottle clocked in at 40mph, minimum. Good point though! I am going to set up some really weird Google alerts just in case.

“Epic WinCo diet soda fail” or maybe “South Sound’s version of a hydroplane”.


just watch the front page of reddit for a “You won’t believe what some dumbass did today at the grocery store where I work” thread


Fist in the air and a loudly roared YEAAAH!