Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


Not really. Vacuums are not fun.


In the absence of camera footage, here’s a dramatic recreation.


Tons of rain this week in San Diego. My workplace is at the nexus of two major drainage systems for the surrounding canyons, so many years when it rains heavily in late winter, it floods the streets to a depth of 6 feet or more. It’s happening again right now. Currently, the corner nearby is impassable by automobile. Here’s a hilarious and horrifying timelapse someone took a couple of years ago. The big white building in the background is where I work, and one of those cars leaving is surely mine.


I finally got my shit - and $745 - together and went ahead to become a U.S. Citizen. After getting all my paperwork in… 😕


Awesome… good luck :)


Mozel tov. W.e just finished the process for Mexican residency visas and are looking forward to being legal.


We’re glad to have you! Even if the bureacracy doesn’t seem to feel the same way. :-)


Damn, nice design work. I grew up near a street that was built as a runoff during heavy storms, I think in the 80s they finally went in and put in proper storm drainage so it didn’t happen anymore.

So is that street the only way in and out from your office building?


We have a private road that goes up the hill. But all the people who work in the bio-industrial park across the street are hosed. (We usually open up our private road for them.)

They’ve been working on adding drainage there for months. But it’s kind of like holding back the tide. You’d have to build a dam up in the canyons or something.


Put out a new album! That’s interesting(to me).


Funny story! My wife and I went to a usual prenatal check-up Monday morning. Not this Monday morning, Monday a week ago. (She was at 31 weeks, five days. Babies are supposed to come out at 40 weeks. This will be relevant later.) The doctors were not at all pleased at what they were seeing so they sent us to the hospital across the street. There we were told that my wife would need two steroid shots, one a day, and the first one would need to be taken right away. This would be to prep the baby’s lungs, guts, and brains for an early delivery. There was no way he would make his original due date and they might have to have him delivered much earlier.

They kept reading my wife’s blood pressure and glucose readings after the shots and kept not liking what they saw. They decided that they would deliver the baby as soon as the shots reached their greatest effectiveness. That day was last Wednesday.

So my wife “and I” did a C-section on Wednesday afternoon. The baby, a little boy, came out so scrawny, but he was still able to cry as he was delivered!

[Image of delivery deleted after second thought and before posting]

We named him Leonard after my grandpa. We’ll call him Leo for short. He’s pretty cute… AND TINY! When they weighed him, he was two pounds, eleven ounces. But most everything seems to be working. He will just be living in the neonatal ICU until he hits his original due date, which was mid-April. So he was about two months premature.

Leo is our first kid, so I don’t have anything to compare him to. It’s kind of nice that my wife and I didn’t come from home from the hospital with, like, a person to care for right away, especially since we still had and have so much prepping to do. He has a team of nice, competent, trained medical professionals watching over him. I’m sure the expense of that team will eventually be described as “whopping”, but worrying about that is in the future.

In the last few days, Leo went from breathing with a CPAP machine (like one you may use at night, but smaller) to a cannula (the plastic nose tube worn desert-fashion which provides oxygen) to nothing. He just needs to get bigger and learn how to suck and eat, and he will be coming home. I’m looking forward to it.




He’s adorable. Congratulations!


Congratulations, man. You are in for such a ride.


Look at that little guy! Congrats man! He will grow up Big and Strong and Wise, you will see!




wow! So glad the doctors caught that and you had a successful birth. Congratulations!


That expression on his face is priceless, and conveys so much!
(You gotta frame that one.)

Congratulations! Stressful and exciting times for you guys, I’m sure.


OMG congrats! If it makes ya feel any better, I was also about two months premature and was even smaller than Leo. I’m sure he’ll be great.


Congrats! My best friend was a preemie and he turned out all right.

Parenthood is maddening, exhausting, and amazing. Cheers!