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Congratulations and welcome to parenthood. It looks like your son is in good caring hands at the hospital.

New parent tip: Any chance you get to grab some sleep, do so.




Wow. I can only imagine what a roller coaster all that was and is. We had a scary situation when our guy came out a couple of weeks early and the doctors were hemming and hawing over his heart rate which led to an emergency c-section. Routine for the hospital, not so much for the parents.

So glad everything turned out well. Now you can look forward to bringing him home soon and showing him off. Just a warning though, when they are that small they are irresistible to old ladies, so if you go out in public and put him in something like a moby make sure you bring a baseball bat to beat them off.



My niece was born two months early, and now she’s like the tallest kid in her class. You’d think not having the extra time to bake would have some kind of negative effect, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

On the other hand, ours stayed in until 41 weeks, and she’s in like the 0.8th percentile for growth.

Congratulations! My parenting tip? Buy a Switch. Not for him, but for you. It’s the only way to game when you’ve got both arms taken up with a baby. :)


Congrats. That is kinda how we had our first, although she was closer to her due date.


Hearty congrats!


Yikes! And Mazel Tov


Amazing little guy! Congrats to you and your wife @Djscman!


Cool! I dig the sound, it reminds me of a heavier version of Souixsie and the Banshees. I checked out your Instagram as well, really cool style you guys have going on, especially with the art for the promo materials. Congrats, and I wish you much success.


Been casually looking for a new programming gig since the start of the year. I’m still employed and don’t hate my current job so I’m not in a big hurry, but my life has changed significantly over the last several years and I feel like my career so far as a consultant/contractor is too unstable for my current lifestyle as a fairly recently married newly minted homeowner. My primary objective is to find something more stable (read: less travel, less moving from client to client), but that isn’t too boring and doesn’t result in a reduction in total compensation. A raise would be nice, but I can’t say that’s very likely considering my local market.

So I spruced up the old resume and have been filling out applications for interesting local positions as I see them. I’ve averaged only a couple applications a week since I have the luxury of being somewhat picky. No traction until late last week when I had two recruiters call me on Thursday and Friday just to feel me out. Both of the talks went well and both of them gave me the usual line about “We’ll contact you in a week or so if we’re interested”. Now this morning both recruiters have emailed me requesting to setup phone interviews with the hiring manager sometime this week.

I know at this stage phone interviews are mainly used as a tool to eliminate candidates in order to get a “short list” lined up for in-person interviews. And regardless I always assume that “talk is cheap” until I have a written offer. Still, it’s exciting to go from nothing to two phone interviews in less than a week. It helps that both of these positions are ones I am by far the most interested in of all the jobs I applied for.

Now I’ve just got to do the prep work and try not to get too excited.


Congratulations, and best of luck with those interviews! I can tell you from personal experience that the job market in the IT field is greatly understaffed. I’ve been retired since 2013, making no effort to pursue a job, and I still get recruitment messages regularly. If they’re still going after me, there’s clearly a whole lot of unfilled need out there.


Best of luck!


Thanks for the warm thoughts everybody! First phone interview is just before lunch this morning. 30 minutes with a person who’s title is “VP of Engineering”. It’s a short interview and the vibe I get is that it’ll be mostly behavioral stuff, but a few technical questions will probably be thrown in for kicks since the interviewers background is technical.

Funny enough another recruiter called me on my way home yesterday and wanted to schedule another phone interview for this week. I’m less excited about that opportunity, but I’ll happily give them a fair shake. So that makes 3 phone interviews in one week. Luckily they’re spaced out on different days. My job search went from very quiet to very busy it seems.


I wonder if that means that it became “hiring season” in the past couple of weeks for some reason.


Ugh, credit card got stolen a month after the previous one expired and I activated the new one. No idea which breach out of the 30 I’m in it got sucked up by.

But of course it hit at the end of the month when everyone wants to bill. I can shift some savings into the debit account to cover things till pay hits on Thursday, but mostly I just wanna say fuck hackers :(

Also, grats on the increasing and successful-seeming pace of your job hunt, @Dr_Killinger!


That really sucks man. Last time my card got skimmed I was fortunate enough that my bank sent me a new one overnight. Maybe that’s an option and you can switch over to a new card right before the end of the month? Might not be a free service though…


Eh, they already sent the replacement via slowpoke mail. It’ll be okay, honestly, just super annoying to switch all of these auto pay accounts again after doing so already this month for the new-card, and then doing so again next month when I move em to the new-new credit card. . .

Also like the third time my cc or debit card has been stolen in about as many years. Wonder if there’s a skimmer somewhre I stop by semi-regularly or if this is just the new norm in our era of 100,000,000-size data breaches every other week. . . :-/


What’s weird is the cops do fuck-all for this kind of crime. I had a checkbook full of blank checks stolen by a cleaning lady once. She wrote $1200 in fake checks to an accomplice, who went and cashed them at a check clearing place. It wasn’t a mystery who had done it and there was a clear paper trail to the culprit. Police did nothing. I mused that if $1200 worth of cash or jewelry had been stolen from my house, they would have investigated. Certainly if $1200 worth of jewelry had been stolen from a business they would have.


Yeah changing the auto pay settings once is a pain let alone twice only a month apart. Might be worth seeing if some of the places you frequent will take a payment service like Google Pay or whatever. That may let you avoid the skimmer.

I use LastPass to store all of the login info for the various bills. One of the pleasant side effects of that is it gives me a nice list of all the places I need to update my credit card info.


I think it’s just the new norm, honestly.