Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


Or just a 50 cent candy bar from any store.


We just got a new credit card to use for airline miles (yeah, we’re one of THOSE families now), but it hasn’t arrived yet. Since we need to buy tickets for our trip to Seattle next month, I call the company to see if they’ll give me the card info so I can use it. After about ten minutes of identity verification, the conversation goes something like this:

Bank: Okay, so which account would you like the card information for?

Me: Sorry?

Bank: You have two accounts that were just opened. Which one would you like the card information for?

Me: Why are there two accounts? I only opened one.

Bank: There are two here. Both were opened in February of this year, and they both have the same credit limit.

Evidently, when doing the online application thing, I must have hit a button twice and submitted two applications. Or something. I would think someone at the bank would have caught it and denied me one or both, but apparently not!

Me: Can I… Cancel one of them? Or do I need to wait some amount of time for that?

Bank: I can cancel one of them. Er… I know you haven’t purchased anything on either one, and you don’t know which is which, but… which one should I cancel? The one ending in [numbers] or the one ending in [other numbers]?

Me: Um… Tell you what. Whichever one, in your opinion, has the harder-to-remember number – cancel that one.


I bought an apartment. It’s was a great deal on a two bedrooms (98 square meters total), but now I have cashed out all my savings. Whelp.






So that’s what, 1050 square feet? Nice sized apartment.


Indeed. Still, I am out ALL MY SAVINGS!!!


Hooray, congratulations on property ownership! You, uh, got something a good way above sea level, right? :)


Yes! My property won’t be under water anytime soon!


Congratulations. If I remember correctly, you are in Norway, and if that is anything like Denmark your savings are probably much better off placed in real estate.

I have a house in the coastal city of Aarhus, Denmark in a neighborhood which name roughly translates to “High hill” (some 5 km from the coast). I often joke that my retirement plan is to eventually sell the house with ocean view.


I believe under recently enacted California law that is only a misdemeanor now. You have to steal enough money to make it worth the cops trouble before it becomes a felony.


That sucks Armando. Hopefully they make it easy for you.


Congrats, always exciting to live in a new place!


Thanks! It is basically in the same place I live now, though, since I bought the apartment right across the road from the one I share with a friend now.


Makes moving easier, no truck needed :-)


I have the move planned out already: I’ll have my moral philosopher friend transport everything with a trolley.


I know from experience that philosophers make great movers! (I have worked as both)


Oof, be careful. I hear that some moral philosophers have problems with trolleys.


So I was just changing channels last night before going to bed and on the National Geographic channel I ran across the Oscar winner, Free Solo. They ran it commercial free. And even though I only saw the last 45 minutes of it I can confirm that even knowing the ending it is a very intense movie. And with my dislike of heights I probably could never have watched it in a theater.


We’ve decided to make Monday nights a [mostly] non-digital night for our son. This entails him cooking dinner and us playing board games or whatever is non-screen related. When he’s with me, we cook together, as I’ve detailed in the cooking thread. When he’s with his mom he generally does it all himself. I like to cook with him because I love cooking and want him to learn various techniques, like how to cut two of your fingers when you’re teaching your son to learn new techniques, as I did tonight. Good job, Dad. His mom wants him to do it himself. Both things work different muscles, and I think both are valuable. One of them, I have to admit, is bloodier.

Anyway, for the board game part of the night, my son and I played Ascension at the table for the first time. He remembers me playing it on the iPad (back when I had one) many years ago. It’s been forever since I’ve played it tabletop. So we had to relearn the rules together. We set it all up and went through the cards and talked about strategy and had our first learning game. It was a freaking blast.

My kid won. 57 to 52. It was monster heavy in the center at first, so I went after a military victory. He started stacking up Mechana Constructs.

Holy cats. I forgot how much I love this game.