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Me too, man. Though I will say its slowed as I’ve gotten older. I’ve noticed I need to recharge more between events. I’m still feeding on the social interaction in friend events, but afterward I just want a bit of time to absorb and reset.


Yeah. I wasn’t trying to ignore the previous message about stretching myself too thin; just got so caught up n things I forgot to reply!

What I’m finding is that my worsening physical health is beginning to seriously impede my planned social life and work schedule. Going out and having fun might leave me so sore and wiped out that I need to go in late the next day, my stupid gastro issues can cut fun events short, and my sleep apnea can turn me into a zombie when I’m trying to be fun for people.

Gotta leave enough time to improve myself if I wanna have anything left for others.


Armando, I know you aren’t 40 yet, but welcome to 40+ life. From the time you’re at now, sadly, there will never be a time in your life from this point forward that you bounce back as fast or seem 100% recovered from whatever you did, even a day prior. Don’t get me wrong you’ll have recharge days and days you feel great, but for the most part, you hold those days up higher as, “awesome,” from 35 on.

Man I sound like an old man.


So I’m sitting in my office playing Shiren (I am really, really enjoying it!) and I hear some dripping.

Alarmed, I look around and see the window in my room, which is very high up and should never have any water coming out of it (it’s not even an egress window) is dripping water. I stuffed a few towels into it and ran out to scoop what I assumed was a bunch of snow stuck in the window sill, which is odd because we don’t have much snow up against the house, but hey you never know.

I come out side and what I saw made me dash over to my neighbor’s house to confront him immediately.

This guy had dug a trench away form his back porch and just stopped digging when he got far enough away… but of course, that just funneled all the water from his back yard directly to my fucking window! I got him out and showed this to him and he did apologize and said he didn’t think it through that far, he was only going out as far as he could until he had to get back to work. I do believe him, and he did offer to dig it away from the window but he had to wait until his wife got home from work because he was watching their baby. I told him that would be great, and that I’d start digging and he could come and help me when he could. So I started digging…

…and digging…

Until I finally broke out to the street.

I’m going to tell you, watching all the water roll out of the path I made into the street was honestly super, super satisfying. And yes, I’m not amazing at digging or I’d have made a straight line from the window to the road, instead of half way looking up and realizing I was digging a path that would lead right through our street pole and the power junction. Oops. I had to do a little course correction.

So I scooped and cleared it all out and got it done and was satisfied with it after about 20 minutes of hard labor. For those that have never had to do it, shoveling wet snow/slush is not fantastic. I told the guy he was off the hook for digging it any more, but that he needed to … like never do that again, which he agreed to. I’m keeping these pictures up on my OneDrive in a special folder because if it happens again, and it brings water into my office and damages anything, I’m going to take probably have to persue some sort of civil case against him. I really hope it never comes to that. I didn’t spell that out to him, I kept it light and friendly but tried to make he understood I was not pleased and I told him straight up we would have had a big problem if I hadn’t have been home to catch this as it started to happen, which he seemed to understand. Some of the guys at work know him and were surprised he would do this, so I do think it was just thoughtless on his part, and not malicious. I’d like to believe he wasn’t just randomly trying to pour water into my basement, at least.

So that was my afternoon last night.


Holy melt, batman. What temp did you guys hit there? That’s a lot of runoff water.


It got up to 48 in the late afternoon, was low 40’s most of the day. And we got a lot of rain as well, which didn’t help. It’s supposed to rain again this afternoon, even. Lots of fun!


I just emailed my two senators about ending DST. It’s a start. I’m not sure how interesting that is, but I’m glad I finally did it.


Wow. Glad you caught that before it became a nightmare. On the plus side, that is a situation that definitely calls for making some paper boats! ;-)


Yeah, the melt is nuts here too. Luckily my “cross fingers” method of dealing with ice dams and runoff has worked out so far…


As long as you mean permanent daylight time, I’m for it. Otherwise, I’ll fight to the death!


It’s a fight to the death then. Remember, I didn’t ask for this fight. I am doing this for the children of the world, especially teenagers everywhere! (Teenage sleep deprivation is no joke, and has been shown to be linked the natural sleep cycle that puts teens about an hour behind everyone else).


Middle and high schools should have later start times.


That causes budget and/or scheduling problems for school districts, which ordinarily use the same buses for 2-3 age cohorts in sequence, unless you push the whole school day back.

I’m plenty sympathetic to that argument, but the health and happiness benefits of 1) a sunrise that doesn’t happen when the clock says 4 a.m. and 2) summer evenings which last until the clock says 9 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. are too great for me to ignore. The way I see it, there are two options:

  1. Switch to permanent standard time, so we don’t need to reschedule school days but we do need to reschedule literally everything else to take proper advantage of the distribution of daylight.
  2. Switch to permanent daylight time, so all we need to reschedule are school days.

#2 just seems like a much smaller challenge to me.


Obviously the simplest solution is to stop the earth’s rotation so that it’s always day.


In wintertime, I often gripe that all I want is a place to live where the sun is up for 16 hours a day year-round, and is that so much to ask?


Sure, buy multi houses in multiple countries.


I’m all for permanent DST. My post started as a disagreement with lego but I left the part where I agreed with them.

Edit: It’s the one thing I agree with Rubio on, as a Florida resident. I hate 6:15PM sunsets. And I know it gets worse the farther north you go so it’s a little funny for me to complain about it.


No, those are the best. Then you can go inside and ignore the lawn that needs to be mowed.


Nah, they are the worst because you get out of work and it’s dark already and you realize you’ve barely seen the sun all day and you get depressed and SAD (the acronym, not just emphasizing).

Besides, the lawns don’t grow in the winter here anyways.


What kind of job has you in doors all day? It sounds like you need to change jobs.