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True, but one possibility would be to swap elementary and secondary start times. In the large district where I used to work, secondary started at 8 and elementary at 9. Swapping those times seems like it could work if they really wanted to.


Me and like half of the workforce my man.


Most people work indoors all day.

Permanent DST would mean that sunset occurs after 5pm year round across the whole 48 United States. I’d much rather have sunlight after work than before, and artificial light after sunset has a much bigger disruptive effect on circadian rhythms than the time shift does. Combat teen sleep deprivation by taking away their screens and enforcing lights out, not by forcing the rest of us to endure dark late afternoons for half of the year.



I would kill for sunset at 6 in the winter.

Up here it gets dark before 4


Yeah my buddy is in Sweden and describes day lengths (both long and short) that make me recoil in horror.


Sleep deprivation in teenagers is hormone based, not screen based. Puberty fucks up your internal clock big time.

There are a couple of great studies on this. I know, it’s fun to blame tech and screens, but sadly, that’s a red herring.


The consensus seems to be that puberty shifts teen clocks to a more normal adult sleep time (10-11pm), but teens still require 2-3 more hours of sleep per night than adults do. Artificial light is as effective as natural light at regulating circadian rhythms. IOW, you can get the same effect by either turning on your lamp or having the sun rise early. Conversely, if you want to go to sleep, it helps to turn off the lights (and lit-up screens definitely count as artificial light and affect sleep patterns.)


Many people think the answer is for kids to just get to bed earlier, Owens noted. But it’s not that easy, she said, because biology has other plans.

Around puberty, the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle shifts, and it’s actually hard for teenagers to fall asleep earlier than 11 p.m.

“Teenagers’ bodies release melatonin later than (adults’) do,” Deray explained, referring to a hormone the brain secretes in the evening to induce drowsiness.

“The other issue,” Owens said, “is that teenagers’ sleep needs are greater than many people think. They need nine to nine-and-a-half hours.”

It’s an older article, but as you can see, teens not only need more sleep than adults, but also, their natural sleep-wake cycle is behind most adults as well. Its natural makes them night owls. So, the early we make mornings start, the worse the affects are on kids. That’s why mornings should always start as late as possible. Now, this can be done by simple having schools start later for teens, but that still means I have to get up out of bed early. No thank you.

As for screen time, that’s another issue that has to be dealt with by everyone, not just kids. I personally put my phone in the kitchen at night so that it is out of sight and out of mind.


The only King novel I have read is the one about JFK’s assassination. Mainly because of the combination of time travel and the assassination, two subjects which fascinate me.


One more reason for me to continue my hate of snow. :)


Man all you sun-lovers are weird. If I could shift my days to only ever see the all-encompassing darkness of night, to gaze up into the void of distant stars, unblemished by the burning rays of our own, to never again walk within the light?

God I’d do that in a heartbeat.


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