Telltale does... Borderlands graphical adventure?!

Announced at VGX

Awesome. I really enjoyed the Walking Dead and so far Wolf Among Us is starting off stronger. Could do some really wacky stuff in the borderlands universe. I am bit concerned about the action bits though.

This may be an “excuse” for them to return to the comedy adventures like Monkey Island and Sam & Max.


What a great idea!

While watching the trailer I thought, “What if Telltale made a Firefly game?” Now I will forever be disappointed.

Is this the official thread on this game series? I guess no one is playing it?

The final episode is coming out October 20th. I picked the series up during the summer sale and have just been waiting for all the episodes to come out.

I’m playing it, and it is great. Lots of chuckles.

I’ve played everything they’ve released of it so far, and surprisingly it’s probably my favorite of the modern Telltale interactive cartoon things. Much better writing than the Borderlands games themselves, some enjoyably silly moments, and the setting lends itself well to a Telltale game. Hoping they don’t shit the bed with the last episode since it’s been a hoot so far.

Also: on sale for $8.49.

Ah - so adorable, this game.

Can’t wait to play Ep5 this weekend. I wasn’t expecting much when I picked this up on that last sale, but man Episodes 1-4 were so damn good. One of my top games of the year so far.

yeah this has been great so far, hope e5 lives up to it.

Is that the last episode?

Yes, it is finished.

I really enjoyed this game, better than the other telltale games I have finished and so far superior to the game of thrones adventure as well. The thing that really sets it apart is humour. It has those emotional moments, but it also just oozes style and can make you laugh. Such a rare combination in videogaming.

Finished this yesterday. Loved episodes 1-4, parts of 5 didn’t really resonate, but overall it was great.

I haven’t played any other Telltale adventure games… how replayable are they? I realize the overall plot is going to be about the same, but are there multiple endings or middles that I can branch into, or was I on rails the whole time?

With Telltale games you’re pretty much on rails. Minor details may change based on the choices you make or the context of some scenes may be a little different, but I don’t think any of their games have had truly different endings or major branches of consequence.

Thanks… that’s a little disappointing, since the final battle kinda fell flat for me and that’s kinda the payoff for the BL games. It was largely a homage to something I couldn’t place (PowerRangers? Voltron?). In the core BL games there’s lots of pop-culture referencing, but there’s also a core FPS so missing a reference isn’t a huge deal. Of course they weren’t going to switch engines to allow a boss fight here :)

(I still found the game/story a lot of fun… it’s like getting a 95/100 on a test and being annoyed by the missing 5 pts).

I’ve never replayed one of these recent Telltale games precisely as I’m worried I’ll find out just how little impact I had on the story. I’d rather just have my one shot at it and that’s the tale told.