Telltale does Game of Thrones

Still in the rumour phase, but Ign says multiple sources, and just a few days ago Telltale said they has a super new license in their hands (some people were speculating Star Wars).

Sounds good to me, hopefully this all comes together.

Damn, this should be interesting!

Take my money.


Link? (To the confirmation, not to taking Lux’s money).

It was in the VGX.

Right now they are doing Walking Dead 2, Fables, Games of Thrones and Borderlands. 4 games! Overreaching?

Game of Thrones Adventure Game? Hmm… I need to think about this!

Six episodes instead of the normal (for Telltale) five.

Lots of people playing this, I see!

Final chapter is out today, I will find time for all the episodes before the end of the year, hopefully.

I just finished episode 1 and I have to say it didn’t pull me in like The Walking Dead. It sort of throws all of these characters at you and doesn’t build them up so you care about them. Lee and Clementine were so much more than this. I think having all of these separate stories, like the show does, will lessen my enjoyment of the game.

I just finished the last episode


Man that sucked. This game made my choices feel more meaningless than The Walking Dead. You pretty much get screwed no matter what choices you make and there really isn’t any chance to be successful. That is so unsatisfying for a game. Don’t even bother giving me choices is they all lead to failure.

I’ve only watched through season 4 of Game of Thrones because I watch it via Netflix. This story felt like is was successfully woven into the Game of Thrones world, but damn it made for a shitty game.[/spoiler]

Your spoilered impressions are exactly what I was afraid of, why I didn’t bother trying the game until all the episodes were released, and why I’ve been pretty much done with Telltale stuff ever since Walking Dead Season 1.

I really liked it, but Borderlands was better. I really like this game style for some reason, I’m fully aware how shallow it is and how seemingly major decisions aren’t really that critical but it does’t really bother me.

It all depends on the quality of the writing for me. The choices in borderlands were ultimately inconsequential as well, but it was funny and I cared about the characters so really enjoyed my time playing it. Thrones s1, however, didn’t work for me. Too many characters I didn’t care about, and too many weird plot threads that never really went anywhere.

I mostly enjoyed it for the Asher and Beshka side I think, I thought they were both great. The rest were certainly hit and miss, but did have their moments.

I played this recently and liked it well enough, though it got pretty ridiculously misery porn-y in depicting the fall of the house of Forrester. I mean, even by Game of Thrones standards.

Started playing this, here are my episode 1 results. Overall I am liking it. So far Ramsay Snow is pretty much 100% true to the show. :)

Episode 1 results

And finished episode 2, really enjoying this, I think I’ll finish the series before starting anything else I’ve bought during the summer sale.

Taking this game slow… So far I can’t imagine any good scenario for House Forrester.