Tempest open world pirate action rpg


Is anyone playing this game?


Maybe reply to your existing topic on this first?

Are you a spammer, or something?


Please - People who don’t post often aren’t neccesarily spammers - its kinda rude to just assume so. Also , I doubt we’ll run out of space anytime soon.


When someone has started three topics on the entire forum in 8 months, and two of them are about the same game, it’s certainly a fair cop to make that association. And while Qt3 has space, it doesn’t have room for spam.


And someone who has been a member of the community for 2 years, and has posted tons of posts here posts, I guess we should just assume he is a spammer? I haven¨t posted here in a while either, mostly because of asshattery - I see that hasn’t changed much though.


Assuming these numbers are correct, not really. Kind of a shame, as I like tall ship games in general.


I don’t think it’s asshattery for wumpus to be curious and for me to point out the reason why. It may all be innocent and fine, but it’s behavior that would flag suspicion on most forums that have to be watchful for paid spamming behavior.


From an account that has been a member of the forum for over 2 years? With 26 posts? With no links in it?

I guess I’m just not as suspicious as you guys it seems. And yeah, I do find “Are you a spammer or something” as the main answer to a post asshattery.


Buyers at sites like Fiverr will pay people to set up 5, 10, or even sometimes 20 different forum accounts with gmail or yahoo email addresses controlled by the buyer. The task requires the worker to create those forum accounts and make 1-5 posts on each forum within a week that are to be on topic, then turns the account and email address back over to the buyer to use as they see fit.

I don’t think that’s necessarily or even likely the case with the OP here, but people that set up spamming viral marketing have certainly adapted their techniques to thwart easy detection, including sitting on dozens of accounts and letting them age before deploying.


I understand all that -spammers are smart! But we apparently both agree there is very little likelyhood that Gyazoul is a spammer, and he has no links in his posts - right? So - no harm at all in his post.

So, it would probably be the polite way to just remind him, as wumpus did in his first part of his message, that he should probably have found his old topic and posted there. The second part of wumpus post, is just mean and antagonizing, and part of why the tone of this forum is often way off from other places. Its just not necessary to write like that. Hell - it was WUMPUS who reposted the link from his old post.

If I was a spammer, Id probably use my old post, which ACTUALLY contained a link to the game, instead of making a new post, WITHOUT any kind of links.

Its just…tiresome to watch this kind of stuff.


A new post generates better SEO traffic to the link in google search, and creates multiple links. Again, not saying that’s the case here, but starting off a post with something like “Is anyone playing this game?” and given all other factors, I’d be suspicious.

Right now I’m looking at the Tempest steam page. Of 9 positive reviews for Tempest posted in the month of April, 7 appear to be obvious spam (one even repeats the text from another user verbatim). One looks suspicious. One looks legit.

Hey, it’s a worthy discussion and give and take to have. Maybe go that route next time instead of calling the behavior of others “Asshattery” in one sentence and then complaining about how rude people around here are in another.


Hah[quote=“triggercut, post:11, topic:129427”]
Hey, it’s a worthy discussion and give and take to have. Maybe go that route next time instead of calling the behavior of others “Asshattery” in one sentence and then complaining about how rude people around here are in another.

Yeah, thats probably not a bad idea. Anyways - Maybe you are right, maybe it was a suspicious post, but I certainly didn’t see it as such but by now, who knows! The spammers may be way smarter than I am!

By now I would love to hear more from Gyazoul himself to alleviate any remaining doubts.


Personally, I’m just wondering how they’ve moved forward with that name without Atari threatening legal action. They’re quite litigious over there, after all.


I suspect the OP just forgot he created another post for this game, honestly.


How is the single-player aspect of this game? More importantly, how does it stack up against Black Flag? Are there sea shanties?


I’m also intrigued


I thought so too. Seemed innocent enough.

He will probably think twice next time he dares to post!


They have a blurb on their Steam page saying that it was originally designed as a single player game and that multiplayer is “an option”. If that’s true, perhaps it means SP isn’t gimped or undercooked.


It’s also available on the android app store for $7.99. That’s on the higher end of appstore prices, so I’m holding off until I see some reviews.


Wishlisted. Thanks OP.