Tempest open world pirate action rpg


Yes, it does.


For my part, I apologize for being so aggressive about this spammer.

To be honest, I still get sick to my stomach thinking of the people who defended this blatant spammer – and the way that relates to the current state of american politics, fake news, and russian social media interference. And reminder, this guy was Russian. People who by all rights should be experienced Internet users, skeptical of everything they read and see, are somehow taken in by what, to me, are just blatantly, patently obvious bad actors – even in their personal area of expertise, that is, being able to see a paid gaming shill.

It is a dark time for humanity, and I’m ashamed to be a part of it. If I could opt out right now, I would.

Please for the love of God people, be skeptical of what you see on the internet. But for now, I’ve apologized for being so aggressive, and I’ll mute this topic as it is bad for my mental health.


I pretty much stand by my earlier position, that I would rather let 50 spammers go free than consign a single new member to oblivion.


That’s really disingenuous to characterize it like that, and it’s pretty crass of you to invoke the political situation. No one is defending spammers and shills, and this certainly isn’t an indication of the kind of media illiteracy that resulted in Trump’s election. You should know better. Instead, we’re suggesting we give people the benefit of the doubt. We’re a small enough community that there’s no harm in giving new posters a chance.


EDIT: Ah, you muted the topic. Fair enough. I think everyone’s made his case.


Soooo…that new DLC looks great…


Wishlisted, and will be played this weekend!


Me too! Can’t wait! Need a reason to return to the game.


Calm down dude. It’s just locker room talk.


I still find it amusing that Wumpus’ outrage at the OP led me to check out a game I owned but probably would have never gotten around to playing, and now I have 40+ very enjoyable hours with it. So, uh, thanks! =)

The DLC looks pretty cool. It doesn’t say if it’s adding a new map, but I’d have to assume so given the source material doesn’t really fit into the three existing maps. Also, new ships, new equipment and new cosmetics. Plus the ability to actually walk around in the new towns. If it’s under $10, I’m probably in on Day One. Having just recently “finished” Tempest, I’d be down for some more Pirate Action RPG!


I missed out on cashing in on the Wumpus Sarcastic Giveaway. Is this a wait-for-a-sale kind of game or a run-out-and-buy-it kind of game?


Wait for a sale so you can get all the DLC. It’s a lot of fun.


What @BrianRubin said. It’s been in a bunch of bundles in the last few months, so it will likely pop up again in a bundle somewhere after the DLC releases. It’s usually paired with it’s Treasure Lands DLC when bundled. Recently it’s also been paired with other Herocraft titles like Strategy & Tactics : Dark Ages and Warhammer 40K : Space Wolf, which are also decent games.


I *think I have an extra bundle copy of Tempest, soundtrack, and the Treasure Lands DLC.

Let me know if you’re interested.

* I meant to give it away already and there’s a small chance I did and forgot. Still, shouldn’t be hard to pop the keys into steam and check if you’d like.


Yeah, I’d be interested if you still have one!


I might have an extra key too, it’s been in several bundles I’ve bought recently.


Keys sent via PM. Sorry for the bit of mangled mess it has going on with formatting.


I was able to activate a bundle from @arrendek. Thanks guys!


I’d be interested if you have a spare key. This thread has made the game sounds quite interesting. But my gaming time is limited. So if someone comes along with a burning desire to play this game a lot, give them priority.

Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot

Wumpus has this thread muted and I’m not going to give him an aneurysm, right?

I just had enough time to run through the tutorial (thanks again, @arrendek!) and the game seems like it could be pretty cool? Does anyone know how multiplayer with friends works?


Once rumored to be @wumpus’ Game Of The Goddamn Year, “Tempest” and its DLC is once again on sale at GOG for the rest of this weekend.

I was scrolling through GOG’s latest sale, saw this game, had forgotten about this thread, thought the game actually looked pretty decent, and was tempted to buy it, looked it up here, and said, “Oh yeah. that game.” I’m still undecided. The first page of GOG reviews look pretty bad, but it seemed to fare better in this thread.