Tempest open world pirate action rpg


So even though his location sourced to the (rather obscure) Russian hometown where these games are made, and he went out of his way to create several duplicate topics about multiple games this particular company creates, such that it got flagged as spam… that was just a coincidence?


Its highly suspicious you don’t know that…!

Anyways - The game DOES look rather interesting but I’m kinda overwhelmed by multiplayer games right now. Can you tell whether its a high maintenance game, as in you have to play a lot to get anywhere?


Oh it’s super playable in single player as well, which is how I’ve spent the majority of my time with it. The grind doesn’t feel super grindy, as you can make great progress just with missions and the like. It’s really fun.


Hey my friend says you should all shut up and play more Tempest, the best open world pirate action MMO ever! Or something.


The funny thing is, if this guy had said up front “hey I work for this small company and we make these cool games” that probably would have been fine.

But he didn’t.


please stop now.


And now you are checking my messages as well? Wumpus - you are overstepping so many lines here. I’ve flagged your recent posts because something is very very wrong with this behaviour, you are being bullish, off topic and and I’m very inclined to follow @amandachen example and get the hell out of here.


Wait, did @amandachen leave the board entirely, or just this thread? I hope she didn’t leave entirely because she’s awesome.


I hope so too.

I also hope all of you including wumpus can chill the hell out. Does anyone actually care about this?


I don’t care about this and neither does my friend. I do however care about Tempest, especially its financial well being.


I think she just left this topic, aka wumpus conversation. I hope amanda is still around elsewhere. I’'ll wishlist this now. I missed the sale, and it does sound kind of fun. Maybe I’ll bite the next time around since a few people seem to enjoy it.


While I find someone employed by a studio masquerading as a random player to be quite distasteful, it’s still an interesting AND fun (non-MMO) game. I just wish the guy had been up front with his connection, because that could have generated more interesting conversation.

And @Razgon, I’m pretty sure Wumpus was bringing some snark, not checking your messages.


And I mean really, when you get right down to it, what’s a little Russian interference between friends?

Play Tempest!


It would be really funny if he came back.


I hope you’re right. And yeah, wishlist it, it seems to go on sale fairly regularly.


It’s much funnier when you imagine Zoidberg saying it!


For what it’s worth, though I don’t agree with his overly aggressive method, @wumpus was probably correct about the OP being a shill account for Herocraft, the publisher of Tempest. The same account made a post around the same time containing several “giveaway” Steam keys for a separate Herocraft game called Strategy & Tactics : Dark Ages. It’s too big a coincidence that he opened this thread about one Herocraft game and was giving away keys to another (at that time) new and fairly obscure Herocraft game. That said, a publisher coming to QT3 to promote their games is fine, even welcomed…as long as they identify as such to begin with. The OP’s mistake was not taking the right tack when sailing into QT3’s forum waters.

It’s kind of a shame too, as Herocraft is actually a pretty decent publisher. I own and enjoy Strategy & Tactics : Dark Ages, and own and will probably now play Tempest as well. They also published the King of Dragon Pass PC remake, and the new Warhammer 40K : Space Wolf game which is supposed to be pretty good. Strategy & Tactics : Wargame Collection is also one of theirs, and I’ve been curious to try that one as it’s popped up in several bundles recently.


It wasn’t just aggressive, it was was a two month delay in outrage. There’s probably an easier way too tell someone you think they’re from a company and here are the forums policies around that rather than pretend sleuth with admin rights. It was just… weird all around.


This was already flagged as spam, so I asked the guy to defend himself, like so:

He did not defend himself. He could have, but he did not.

Then I got a bunch of shit from ~5 people, because how dare I call someone engaging in spammy activities a spammer, so I dug deeper, basically just geolocating their IP, which matched (shock! horror!) exactly with the publisher’s home city. Anyone can look at the PUBLIC post history to see this user has a strange habit of posting a lot about that particular publisher’s games.

I already agreed that in the future I will just forward this info on to @telefrog @stusser and tom, assuming they actually put on their moderator pants and do something about it and not just invove the law of thunderdome, where people square off for one on one forum kombat until the loser is vanquished.

News flash: not everyone on the Internet is your friend. Take everything you read online with a pinch, nay, a barrel of salt. The sooner you realize this, the better off we’ll all be. Because elections.

Best viral ad campaign ever!


So why the two month gap, wumpus? I’m sincerely curious.