Tempest open world pirate action rpg


I was kinda waiting to see if he came back.

You know, to defend himself from these scurrilous accusations. How dare I? How dare I?


I like the idea that you bookmarked this thread and checked it as part of your daily routine, just waiting to see if this guy came back. Everyone needs a hobby.


The reason @stusser makes a good mod is because ultimately he doesn’t give a shit about anything. He can be dispassionate.

My problem is that I give wayyyy too many shits about specific things.


I care about some stuff! I just don’t take internet tomfoolery to heart.


You were so incensed you came back after two months to follow up, long after most folks would’ve forgotten entirely about this? And likely did?

Man, you must have an amazing life to be so perturbed by something so…infinitesimally small. And I say that with all sincerity. Sorry man, it’s just a bit odd to hang onto something like this.


I have solved the mystery.

Wumpus is Gyazoul.

I have checked his IP, taken photos of his house and dog, and confirmed it all.


The call is coming from inside your house!!!




If someone asks if you’re a spammer, you say yes.



Where can we put the Twinkies?


Right up Wumpus’ spam-hole, that’s where.


No, the agreement is that you will not access user’s private information regardless of what anyone else moderating this board decides to do or not do. You are not a mod here and you are not to act like one. You have admin privileges only because you’re helping us host the software.
But you’re out of line digging this topic back up two months after it’s been resolved, and you’re especially out of line being antagonistic to people who have concerns about the possibility of you moderating this forum.

And frankly, I’m sick of having to stand up for you in situations like this. Unlike some of the people you’re being an asshole towards, I know you mean well. They don’t and you’re not doing much to convince them.



Then stop. Most of all, I want to be dead, and I can’t be.

So this is what I’m stuck with.

p.s. play Tempest


no u


Look, you’re in friendly waters here. No one wants spam on Qt3 and we’re all doing a pretty good job keeping it at bay. I think you’ll find that the pushback you’re getting is more about your tone than the substance of your argument. To paraphrase The Big Lebowski, you’re not wrong, wumpus, you’re just an asshole.



Are we? Maybe, except for the 5 people who argued quite vehemently that it wasn’t spam and that poor person how dare I call them a spammer. So, extrapolate to social media and the 2016 election, annnnd… pretty much we’re all fucked.

Anyway, I wish it could all be over, but my options are limited. The only thing that makes me feel better is … PLAYING TEMPEST!

I really wish I could end all of this, I would be delighted to deliver that to all of you, but I don’t see any other way forward.


So has anyone actually played this game? I got this far into the tutorial where I am supposed to move goods from the warehouse to my ship, no buttons on the screen do that , the only button that works at this point is the ESC button to bring up the menu.

Some nice things , music is alright, and when you go under water it sounds like muffled underwater music. When you swing the camera above the waterline your screen is all wet.

The map looks pretty decent:

Overall its a good looking simple pirate game.


Visually stunning.





How the heck did I end up in this thread? Somehow it was on my phone’s screen and I couldn’t tear myself away from the drama.
And the game in question sure looks nice.