Tempest open world pirate action rpg


So this thread inspired me to install and play Tempest last night. I played for about an hour, powering through the tutorial, which was good, but chock full of A LOT of information and commands that I will struggle to remember when I get to the real game where my ship is not so indestructible. Eventually my ship was sunk in the tutorial by a giant sea monster summoned by some pirates I’d just defeated. I’m not sure if that was supposed to happen or if I just didn’t fight the sea monster well enough. After my defeat it seemed to drop me out of the tutorial and into the main game map…so I’m thinking that was just the end of the tutorial.

Anyway, first impressions are quite good. It reminds me of a mix of all the other sailing/pirate games I’ve played over the years, somewhere between the pure merchant goodness of a Port Royale and the sail-in-a-circle-and-shoot-broadsides-till-it’s-over feel of Pirates of the Burning Sea. The game looks good, the music is nice and the sound effects are decent. Ships controls (and those of your Captain during boarding fights) are intuitive if you’ve ever played a sailing/pirate game before. The port interface is a little awkward, as is the interface for hiring, assigning and training sailors, but the tutorial walks you through it, and with time it will seem less mysterious I’m sure. I do like the addition of a “mystical” aspect to the game, finding artifacts with special abilities and discovering uncharted islands where such things might be hidden. Overall I’m somewhat impressed thus far, and looking forward to playing more.

@lordkosc , I had the same issue at first in the Port/Warehouse interface (and again when hiring sailors). You need to use the controls to “shift” the view off of your ship and onto the Warehouse, then the goods should light up and you can click their icons in the inventory bar at the bottom of the screen to move them over to the ship. You’ll end up overloaded, so the next task will have you “shift” the view again to the merchant in port, where you repeat the process, this time selling most of your goods to the merchant. Protip - Keep the jewels, as they sell for more at the next port you reach a few minutes later in the tutorial, and there you will spend a lot of money buying new weapons and weapon upgrades for your ship.


@wumpus , I applaud your decision to do the viral marketing yourself by purchasing and distributing codes. Thanks for giving in to the dark side of the force spam. I LOL’d.

I do think that Herocraft is a quality publisher with several decent games (as I mentioned upthread), and that maybe one of their staff just went about marketing the company a little too aggressively spammish for QT3. I wonder if we reached out to them and invited them to return, this time with a clear designation as a developer/publisher here to support and inform in regards to their games and also participate in other discussions if it would be beneficial to the community as a whole. Some of my favorite folks on QT3 are industry folks who drop by to not only answer questions and post information about their own products, but participate in general gaming threads as well.


This is a weird ass thread.


So weird!

Does this vindicate Gyazoul? Did Herocraft notice that they’ve basically doubled in active players? Do they have any idea that this thread is the cause of it?

Does this mean spam works? I don’t understand this thread at all, but I’m happy to see it every time it pops up.


Yes, I think we all owe Gyazoul a big apology. Along with maybe a plot of land in Montana.


And a recreational vehicle.


Player bump confirmed, good job Wumpus. ;)



I care if he’s reading my PM’s, yeah.

Not that there’s much to see there. On principle.


If that happened (I have no idea myself), Tom addressed it. But yes that would be a problem.


So its… Warhammer Pirates… so does it have orcs dancing? ;) No seriously how close to Pirates, boarding and capturing a fleet of ships? That never gets old, and a decent single player story?


It would be, but that wasn’t the impression I got from wumpus’ post. It sounded like a “Why don’t you just marry him, then” kind of comment to me.


I’ve known the dude a good while, and while he can be challenging, I don’t think Wumpus would actually check your messages.


Why would I read anyone’s PMs? Why would that matter one iota to me? How would it even be relevant to this situation?

I get it, you don’t like me, so you want to cast aspersions; seed fear, uncertainty and doubt. Well, I’m with you there – I don’t like me either, and I’ve tried as hard as I can to come up with a way to eliminate that particular problem. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t irreparably harm other people I’m related to along the way.

So, fuck it.

Play Tempest.


Sometimes when I don’t like me I eat a whole pizza. I didn’t check Steam though, I don’t know if that’s more or less expensive than a bunch of Tempest codes.


You’ve mentioned this a few times, and I certainly don’t know you well enough to know if you’re kidding or not, but it’s really… disturbing, especially to those who have actually lived through that scenario. I am guessing since others aren’t really asking you about it, you are kidding, but seriously, if this whole thing bothers you enough please take breather.

The key codes were a really kind and unexpected move on your part. I think that’s the high note I hoped we’d leave it on.


I’m serious, but there’s no real path forward for me. I can’t do that to my kids; they didn’t sign up for any of that bullshit. It would destroy them. That’s not right. I have no right to do that.

You inherit your parents’ trauma, but you will never understand it.


I get that you’re passionate about the board, about Discourse, about games, about spammers all that. None of it is worth that kind of… pressure. I won’t go into the details, but believe me, it destroys more than your immediate family. It creates a black hole that will never be filled, not decades later, not generations later even. So please, if this topic bothers you that much, or even policing spammers, please consider letting others handle it, and do all that other fancy stuff you do and focus on the fun.

I’m sorry if this is one of those unexpected rules where we’re supposed to ignore you keep mentioning it, but I can’t ignore it. I just can’t. You’re a member of this community, and your well-being is important to me.


I completely and totally agree. It’s not an option once you have kids. But I can’t figure out what the other options are.


There’s only one other option, and you’re doing it. However, if muting the Tempest topic makes living that life more enjoyable, I warmly suggest you consider it. There are plenty of other topics old and new, for you to engage in.


Obviously I don’t know you or your circumstances, and it’s presumptuous of me to say anything, but what the hell. There are other options. I know what mine is, but it might not work for you. If you need to dump this stuff on somebody, I would suggest you find a professional. You’ll find that people are much less uncomfortable to hear about your problems and much more confident in suggesting solutions when they’re getting paid to do it.

Anyway, as for the game, I’ve only gotten a little bit past the tutorial but I already feel that I can make up my mind about it. It’s not a bad game. It’s got some good ideas in it. But why am I playing this and not Sid Meier’s Pirates? It’s like if someone else painted the Mona Lisa. They had better come in with a completely different approach or else I’m just going to compare them to Da Vinci and find them lacking.

And wtf is up with Russia and pirates? Why are they so obsessed?