Temple of Elemental Evil question

How the hell are you supposed to loot shit?! I have been through the manual twice and if there is a “Pick stuff up easily” section I sure as hell can’t find it. I’m resorting to leaving the area so bodies disappear, returning, and clicking wildly and hoping that I hit the magical pixel that will let me grab something.

If I remember correctly the loot falls to the ground. It’s just damn hard to see.

I can’t ever see it unless I leave the area and the bodies disappear. Even the slowest of pixel hunting only lets me uselessly click the body of whatever I killed.

I think I read last year that not being able to loot from bodies might be due to a bug that shows up when Windows XP SP2 is installed.

I got that bug when I fired the game up again recently. There’s an official patch, number 3 I think, to fix it.

I’m still getting a strange bug where I can walk through doors, but thats minor enough to be ignored.

Huh, when I went looking for patches before, I only found 1 and 2. Thanks, I’ll see if 3 helps.

Yes, that’s an SP2 bug - the third patch was made solely to fix it. Here’s a link to it.


Hooray, the patch did fix it! I can go back to enjoying the crunchy D&D goodness.

So, what date is Microsoft going to shove the XP SP2 update down our throats whether we want it or not? Did they back down from doing that?

April 12.