Temple of Elemental Evil Spoiler Thread

The other TOEE thread was starting to get a little disorganized, so I thought this one should get started since the Atari boards don’t allow for free email accounts.

Anyway, to get the ball rolling, where is the leather worker? I can’t seem to find him in town. Thanks.

He’s in a house just east of the inn. I think it’s also a bit north of the inn, but I’m not sure. Anyway it’s rather close. But even though I found him, how do I cure his brother-in-law?

And how do I kill the Hill Giant in the field (Mermydion??) where Theoren left his medallion?

  1. You will find 2 scrolls of Heal in the Church in town. When you go up to the second floor, there’s a bookcase you can search, inside are 2 scrolls of Heal. Use one on the kid and poof he’s all better.

  2. Don’t kill him at the level you are at. Use a thief or someone that can sneak to go over there and loot everything. I came back at level 6 and killed him, it was still a challenge even then.

I’m at level 2 and I did some decent damage to him but still got creamed (the hill giant). What I want to try is seeing if the druid spell entangle will kepp him in place while I unload with socerer spells and crossbows.

Yeah, I webbed him and shot him full of arrows.

The HG is tough in a straight up fight for my level 5 party. He gets two attacks per round and hits pretty damn hard.


  1. Don’t kill him at the level you are at. Use a thief or someone that can sneak to go over there and loot everything. I came back at level 6 and killed him, it was still a challenge even then.[/quote]

Bah - I killed him with a party of low level characters – cast entangle, pick him off with missile weapons.

It’s the old EQ “root ‘n’ nuke” strategy :D

Easier said than done when you have no one that can cast it.


This game is kicking my ass. I made a diverse party with a lots of varied classes, but it looks like I should have created a party with “power-gaming” in mind because I’m constantly getting my ass kicked. Freaking bugbears are destroying me in the moathouse…

Thanks to all for tips about the Hill Giant.

On a related note:
Exactly what is the difference betwen 3.0 and 3.5?

I felt very modern and slightly geeky when I bought the 3.0 PHB and DMG, since I don’t play pen and paper RPGs anymore. I just want them as extensive manuals for the computer games based on D&D.
Do I need to buy the new 3.5 books as well, or will my (old) 3.0 ones do?

You don’t need to buy the new books – not that much has changed:

– the Barbarian and Ranger (can now specialize in archery or two-weapon fighting) given some new abilities, Monk class was tweaked (but no substantive differences),

  • gnome’s favourite class was switched from illusionist to bard;
  • druids were given spontaneous casting ability, like clerics (except instead of healing/inflict spells, they can cast summon animal spells);
  • lots of spell tweaks, generally to shorten durations of ability enhancing spells, weaken haste spell, etc.
  • many tweaks to combat, but most relevant for the tabletop game (got rid of facing and exchanged it with the concept that creatures occupy “space”; added weapon sizes; greater emphasis on miniatures play).
  • monsters were bumped up in power, particularly demons/devils.
  • lots of new feats, but most are just ones that bump to skills +2;
  • some rationalization of skills, consolidation. There are no longer class exclusive skills, so any character can learn any skill (there are only a couple of incidences where the rogue class gets extra abilities on a couple of traditional “thief” skills, like being able to disable magic traps).

Shameless plug: I actually wrote my column in the November PC Gamer (same one in which my review of Temple appears) on the changes between 3.5 and 3.0. I only had a half page of space, however, so it’s pretty condensced, but hopefully pretty meaty given that restriction.

but the bottom line is, you don’t need the new books. If anything, the monster manual is the one most changed, and since you don’t seem to have that one, that would probably be the best acquisition (if any). TOEE definitely sticks extremely closely to the 3.5 rules, which is cool, and I did use those books for reference while playing the game.

the entangle tactic worked… I’m a big fan of druids, decent fighters and some really solid area effect spells. Drop an entangle with the spiky vine spell and the one where rocks come out from the ground, good stuff.

You can download all the changes between the two versions on the Wizards of the Coast website if you really want to see everything they changed. I also saw that someone made word docs of all the changes and posted them on the forums of 3rdedition.org.

Here’s the direct link.

Also, one of the biggest monster changes that I’ve noticed in 3.5 is that many creatures now have damage reduction (like zombies), which is why some “easy” creatures are now much harder to kill. If you ever see your character attack something and hit for 0, it means that they have damage reduction. I wish the game was a little more verbose in the combat history window though… the manual says it actually shows the dice rolls, but I only see XXX hits YYY, etc…

Click on the blue hyperlinks to see more info.

Anyone know where Paida, the wife of the wheelwright, is? I’ve cleared the moathouse (at least, I think I have) without finding her.

Also, doesn’t it seem odd that no one in town, not even Burne and Rufus, cares that the Temple is rising again? I came back with Lareth’s diary expecting the main NPC’s to get a bit agitated, but they didn’t have a single line of new dialogue. Very disappointing.

The only NPCs in the moathouse to rescue are in a side room off of the Ogre room.

Hmm. I found a few bodies in the torture room, but no NPCs. And I think I’ve looked everywhere around where the ogre used to be. Can you be more specific?

I found things to get much easier once I got the good ol’ Fireball spell. I just zoomed from Level 4 to Level 6 in one long incursion into the Temple. Just find a goood corner where you can rest and recharge heal and Fireball, and go off to find the next room of Orcs. The trick is to find the secret door in the stairwell leading down from the ground floor of the Temple to the Bottom Floor. Go straight to the Bottom Floor and you run into a mess of trouble, from the Troop Commander and his gazillion Fire Elementals to Hydra Nightmares. But the secret Dungeon Level is choked full of big battles against Orcs and stuff that are tough, but not as tough as the Bottom Floor encounters. And they give tons of XP.

Then I disocvered that Magic Weapon, Keen Weapon, and Magic Vestment are permanent spells. So I took time turning all my regular swords and such into Keen weapons with +1 damange and +1 to hit. And my armor, even the regular farmer’s garb for my wizard, got bumped up to +1 AC.

So I’m totally kickin’ ass with Level 6 characters, then I went down to the Bottom Floor and it’s like I’m gettin’ schooled again in some encounters. I’m gonna have to wait till I get higher levels and better weapons for guys like the Troll Chief, who can’t be webbed or entangled cause he’s got a high spell resistence, and who just bulldozes his way through Level 6 characters like butta.