Temple of Elemental Evil


I think it fixes some engine related bugs. There may also be a planned feature of upping the level of all enemies by 1 to make the game harder. (Without changing the amount of XP you gain.)


Man, very cool to hear about Temple+ - I have to try it. I don’t think I’ve ever even done the new material in Co8 (they added the other city with the brothel, didn’t they?).


Where is this purchased?

Better phrased: How do I make this happen on my PC?


GOG has it, I believe.


Never done GOG before. Are there any mods or patches I need to get as well or just the copy there at the store?

BTW, is this a turn-based mouse/kb game?


[quote=“Navaronegun, post:121, topic:5530”]
Never done GOG before. Are there any mods or patches I need to get as well or just the copy there at the store?[/quote]

Yes, the Circle of Eight mod is a must. Temple+ is probably just of interest for people who want more stuff (classes etc), but fits on top of Co8 so if you want the latter you need the former anyway.

You’ll also require a monitor as the game outputs graphics.




GOG is easy as pie. You buy it, you can download it (DRM free) at whim - it’s just an .exe file you can run/install however you prefer. It comes patched, iirc, even, so you don’t do anything else except pull down the Co8 stand alone .exe and run that next (grab the version of Co8 that has extra content - the extra content is seamless, you won’t even know it’s new or what came with the vanilla game, let alone was was restored content lost due to Atari’s interference).

Once you install Co8 you don’t launch the game .exe from the game directory, rather you launch the Co8 front end menu, select a few custom preferences (like how many party members you get to hand craft vs. how many are NPC only, or if characters get max HP at level up, stuff like that), and click PLAY. Then you’ll spend probably the next 30 minutes making characters, and you’re off to the races.


I remember playing this before all of the fixes. It was hell. But, for me, not as hard as the early game in Icewind Dale. That one stopped me in my tracks one day and I never went back. It can be done. But I’d get all of the fan fixes if I was going to play it now. Save yourself the pounding the keyboard and screaming at the monitor.

Only 30 minutes? You slacker. :)


That is my question. @Scott_Lufkin does the GOG version have all the fixes and whatnot?


It comes patched, iirc, you don’t have to download anything from GOG except the installation exe. And then Co8 should only be a single .exe file as well, I think.


Hey Scott, remember when we found all of the fixes on the internet? When we finally got it to work, we danced and danced. Not like these kids today. Need updates handed to them on a silver platter. :)


From the co8 patch page, it seems it requires Java installed, so that mod still got its feet anchored in some familiar old dust for you guys to bath in happily!


Kids? I’m f****** 47?!?


Ssh bby is ok.

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Easy kid. I’m 59. Soveryclose to 60.


You’ll need to download Co8 and temple+ (if you want it) separately. But as @Scott_Lufkin said it will take care of installing itself.

I have never used Temple+ so I can’t speak to it.


LOL this thread delivers.


All of this talk is making me want to load this bad-boy up again. Seriously though, temple+ is a MUST. It is just as essential as Co8. The bug and rule fixes alone make it worth it. These numbers are pulled out of my ass, but I’d say that base Co8 ToEE works at about 75% of the 3.5 rules. Temple+ gets you to about 95%. If you were ever a big 3.5 player and loved making and tweaking and building characters (like I did), temple+ is a must have. There’s is still some two-handed weapon stuff they haven’t fixed, which sort’ve obviates the need for using the spiked chain, but I’m not going to hold that against them.