Temple of Elemental Evil


Well, this is kind of incredible (in theory) - someone is making an Icewind Dale total conversion into the ToEE engine.

Right now it’s just the first chapter, and it is in beta, but might be worth checking out.

2017 Frame Game

Crazy! I played all the way through Icewind Dale recently, but the Enhanced Edition crashed on me when I struck the final killing blow.


So instead of playing Civ6: Rise and Fall, instead I’m knee-deep in another playthrough of Temple of Elemental Evil, this time using the amazing temple+ mod, which adds 8 new prestige classes and a new base class and fixes just an entire host of bugs and bad rules interpretations. It is absolutely magnificent. It works with CO8’s extensive mod and of course adds a really nice high resolution mod, though I prefer to play at around 1600 x 900 even on my 4k monitor. 1080p is just a bit too far away. In particular I’m enjoying the mystic theurge, arcane trickster, and duelist prestige classes.




I don’t remember this happening before…
I play the tutorial, kill the rat and climb the ladder. Wander to the right and get slaughtered by many enemies with bows. Reload. Wander straight and get slaughtered by enemies with arrows. Seems odd that they would slaughter you right off the bat. I guess I’m just wandering in the wrong direction.

Edit: Another forum mentions that the Co8 mod might have broken the tutorial and points the ladder to the wrong area. Going to try launching the tutorial from the non-modded ToEE.


Is there any reason to use pregenerated characters? Do they have any stories or interesting party banter?


I don’t believe so.


I realized I had downloaded and installed the Co8 mod a while ago so I just started playing. Unfortunately I had downloaded the standard version and now I want to crush my head in a vice because of the damn quests in the first town. It wouldn’t be as bad if the quests gave me an option I was happy with.

I don’t want to shake down some guy to get money for the church. As chaotic good my option for the barn usage problem was to day “well if your brother can just take it from you he deserves to have it”.

I decided to make a beeline for the moathouse and keep getting crushed by those frogs. I now downloaded the additional content pack and am hoping i can continue my save and find the quest to get XP to bypass the fetch quests. I guess i will start over if not.


Ouch. I feel ya. I hope you can rekindle your interest in the event you have to start over to get the extra goodies from the Co8 stuff.


At least you’ll be able to reselect any characters you rolled up/


Wow, that was rough! I started a new game and went to the Welkwood Bog. I created a fighter, cleric, rogue and wizard so they are all level 1. I didn’t take any of the NPCs from the town. Killed a group of kobolds without too many problems. Found a passage that led inside the crypt. Lost to another group of kobolds but won on my second try.

I let the wandering monsters pass without engaging and got to the lich when he was by himself. He wrecked me many times, but I finally beat him. I needed to rest and around 8 giant rats attacked and wrecked me. Reload. That happened again several times and I finally was able to rest.

Lost to the kobold seargent and the other enemies a couple times and finally beat them. Went back to town and finished tow quest and made it to level 2.

I’m not sure if I should have created a fifth character for my party, or hired an NPC but it was tough. Not sure my group of 4 level 2 characters will be able to beat those giant frogs on the way to the moat house.


I always use the front end to let me have six hand made characters. I can’t imagine trying with only four, especially early with fragile low level dnd characters.


I read somewhere that someone played with 3 so I figured 4 was OK. Maybe not :-)

I did go to the moat house and killed the frogs this time with my 4 level 2 characters, so hopefully they won’t fail me. At least they will level up faster if they don’t die!


This game does NOT want you resting in anyplace other than green. Resting in yellow will kick the crap out of you !


What, that gnome illusionist with 2hp can’t take it?


Wow that final encounter in the moat house is a doozy. I’m not even coming close to winning that one. I didn’t have too much trouble with the rest of the encounters in the moat house. I died in a couple but beat them with a retry or two.


Well hot damn! You don’t need to kill all of the guards.

Eventually a cleric came out and started fighting. After I did some damage to him he surrendered. I never would have beat all of the guards.

I’m not sure how far I’ll get since Pathfinder Kingmaker will be out soon.


So is this game still worth giving a shot? I got it when it first came out but had some technical issues and put it aside. Is the Co8 patch the main extra I need and I’m good to go?


Other people know more than me, but I’d say get the Co8 mod with the extra content. The vanilla quests in the first town are horribly boring. Co8 adds a combat oriented quest you can do to get some experience and skip the boring initial town quests.


I decided to go with Temple Plus, because I wanted to see the Favored Soul. But I think am not sure I will use it.

But I probably won’t play it, because of Pathfinder.