Ten Crowns from Soren Johnson

@SorenJohnson, please sign me up as ‘interested’! I have also beta tested enough that I know what I’m getting myself in for.

I’d also be interested in getting into the beta. I’ve done a ton of testing on tbs and war games over the years, lately mostly for Slitherine/Matrix

I’d be very interested.

I would be interested in beta-testing as well.

Zomg, i’m so there if it’s an option.

I think is very awesome of Soren to ask for testers on this forum. It make me feel like at the center of a teogenesys event. Of something. I hope the testers have fun and help make a awesome game.

I’m hoping it’s good, because I’ve largely lost interest in the 4x as a genre, thanks to Paradox. But if there is one person I think has the ability to kindle the interest, it’s Soren. And he name checks the very games responsible for my waning interest in the genre.

I’m optimistic :)

Same thoughts here, Craig!

Has there been any news about how the Starbreeze nonsense is going to affect this?

Fill me in.

Fired CEO in an ugly breakup, apparently.

Oh yeah, read about that.

Hmm…maybe I am being naive, but 10 crowns looks like enough of a sure bet that any publisher will want them, should Starbreeze die.

Oh, crap, I forgot there was an association with Starbreeze.

If that goes belly up, I could see an outfit like Paradox Interactive picking it up.

Maybe it’d be best to avoid publishers with Star in the name going forward.

I was catching up on Soren’s twitter feed, and it looks like they will be (or already are) looking for more beta testers.

Do we have any public information about the direction this game is taking? I have heard nothing.

Free-to-play looter-shooter MMOBA with lootbox timers and day one DLC bundles.

Starbreeze just sold the publishing rights back to Mohawk Games.

Hopefully it works out for Soren and Mohawk.