Ten minute game jam!

A while ago, we discussed holding a little qt3 “game jam,” so to speak. The idea was simple:

Using whatever tools suit your idea best, make a game that takes no more than 10 minutes to play.

Ideally, the game would be available online or in some form that allows other qt3 members to play. It could be a text adventure, a roguelike, a platformer, an RPG… whatever. The only qualifications are that it should be something that members of the community can play to completion in ten minutes and that you’re willing to allow people to discuss it. There need not be a hard delivery date for it; in fact, it can be an rolling game jam.

I’ve been thinking more about this in the new year because I need some type of small project to kickstart my creative processes again.

Here are some tools that you could use. Please feel free to suggest others.

The obvious big hitters…

Text adventure…


2D / Platform…



There are free assets available over at opengameart.org.

There are tons of game engines. Google around to find more. Most of those listed here are free. Many simple text games can be made with little or no programming knowledge.

So… anybody interested?

Sure, I could probably find the time to build a ten-minute game.

(At first, I thought the 10 minutes referred to the time you have to write the game, and I thought to myself, ‘that seems unlikely.’ This way makes a lot more sense.)

I thought a while about where I should hyphenate to clarify that… Ten-minute-game jam? I gave up because nothing seemed to clarify it.

The lumberyard link got all jacked up. Probably a Discourse referral code insertion mishap.

Man carving out the time in the evenings to do this is tough, but it is something I really think could be fun.

Thanks, I think it’s fixed.

I have a neat idea for a game, but there’s no way that I have the chops to program it in a reasonable amount of time. So if someone wants a teammate, lemme know!

I have passable chops but no fully-formed ideas, so I’d be more than willing to hear what you have to say. <.<

Sure. I am in. I will probably be using OpenFrameworks or possibly Multimedia Fusion if I get really strapped for time. Links if you want to add them to the tools list.


Done! I love OpenFrameworks. Did you see Zach’s post about his experiments last year?

Whoa! No! Thanks for the link! Those are super cool!

I have a fun game idea and some 3D assets of anyone wants to team up. I don’t have time to learn a new software package at the moment or I’d whole hog it.

I can have my AI make cut scenes for us. ;)

I’d enjoy this! No due date? Is there a start date? I might start working on something tonight.

I might tackle this later in the year (can’t till March).

When we are talking ten minutes are we talking really re-playable 10 minutes (or shorter) sessions or 10 minutes to get the full experience? Those two are really different challenges design-wise.

Start / finish whenever you can! I might start working tonight, too. :)

Whatever you want to do! Replayable is good if you want to do it that way but it is totally fine for it to be a one-and-done experience.

I am gonna start immediately. I kind of need a warm up project before I start a new bigger game later in the year.

edit: sorry Juan was responding to entire thread not just you :)

Ooooh, fun idea. I might try to make something. I’ll most likely use Godot, of course.

Do you work on the Godot team or something? I was thinking I’d try Phaser but if the Godot build for HTML5 works well, maybe I’ll give that a shot instead. My goal being to produce something accessible to this community for this little game jam.

I don’t, though I examined its source code throughly when it was released. I’ve been searching for a good open source game engine for a long time, and Godot is the first one I wouldn’t hesitate calling “excellent”.

That said, I’m unsure about how good its HTML5 support is at this specific point. I only tested it on Windows, so I’m not really sure about other platforms, though I do know that it’s been succesfully used for Android games and more. But I have little info about the HTML5 part.

So, just checked and Godot isn’t the best option for HTML5. In that case it’s likely better to use Phaser or perhaps something like PICO-8 or Haxeflixel. I might try to make something using SVG and Elm. We’ll see. :)