Ten Thousand Dollar Bill


I didn’t even know they had these things!

It’s got a picture of Mr Chase, from Chase Manhattan Bank on it. In case you were hoping to come across one of your own, it looks like your chances are slim: “The government stopped printing bills larger than $100 in 1945 and hasn’t issued any since 1969.”

The woman’s family exchanged the currency at face value,

The mind reels.

Yeah. During the late 40’s, the US held fully half of the available gold bullion in the world, around 22 million tons or summat, making us the unqualified SUPAH POWAH. So, we paid a bunch of loans off for other countries, then shortly thereafter fell into the financial quagmire known as the Vietnam War. I would assume those events account for the printing and subsequent issuing stoppages.

And now China’s sitting on a ton of American dollars, unable to find anything they actually want to buy with them.