Ten Thousand Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Names

Found this googling up cat shampoo today (?). Funny.


When working on the paper “The Quest for Ground Truth in Musical Artist Similarity” (paper PDF link) we built MusicSeer to collect human evaluation of artist similarity. We expected a lot of responses but needed a way to ferret out “bad” results-- robots, users just clicking randomly, and people that didn’t know the bands presented. One idea was to pepper the list with “red herrings” in the form of fake bandnames-- and if someone chose one, we’d ignore their responses later on.

Instead of thinking up a few, I made a quick script to part-of-speech tag the original list of 6,500 artist names that we were considering. This left us with a set of common band name grammars (popular ones were NNP NNP and NNP #.) We then fed terms from our already collected music text set (‘Klepmit’) through the grammars again (at the natural probabilities) to make some believable names.

There’s too many good ones to pick. Manly Pandas? Mammas Starfish? I’m partial to Lifelike Pancake Carcass though.

I really like This Commanders and Destructor, though I can’t believe Destructor isn’t already taken.

My choices are

“Opulent Miscarriage” and “Beyond Stillborn”

I seem to have a theme going on.

I notice that “Hole” made the list. Make of that what you will…

“The Proclaimers” (that Scottish duo that did “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)”) are also in there.

It’s probably really hard to keep track of band names. If “Toad the Wet Sprocket” can steal their name from a Monty Python sketch, the sky’s the limit.

One of my favs is:

Shifters Echelon

That sounds cool.

— Alan

My favorites from the list would be Sharpness Kitty, Ministry, Brown Lubrication, Junky Mailer, Credible Strangers, and Rotor Ration.

Stray Pussy
Bourgeois Drosophila
Pervert Hawks
Chum Corset
Bootlegged Judo
Boolean Drafter
Discharge Realizations
Snoopy Prospectus

Chum Corset is a pretty damn great name for a band. I’d listen to a song of theirs at least once just for the name.

Bourgeois Drosophilia is pretty nifty too.

Eigenstate sounds like some pop-synth band made up of math nerds.

Too bad he couldn’t parse in random umlauts or other pseudo-“edgy” accents over some of the vowels.

No Poofling! My prospects in the music industry still look bright!

Tröja for teh win! :D

There is a band that plays in Nashville called Feeble Weiner, which I think is a pretty cool name.

I’m partial to Illustrator Policy Disturbance Bishop Amusements Reparation

There was another Nashville band (who recently changed their name) called the Alpha Mother Fuckers.

Chum Corset is a pretty damn great name for a band. I’d listen to a song of theirs at least once just for the name.

Bourgeois Drosophilia is pretty nifty too.[/quote]

Yeah, I like that one, too. Drosophila is the genus taxonomy of the fruitfly. The species often used in genetic experiments is Drosophila melanogaster. I always wanted to call my band Melanogaster Stitch.

So there is a band called Alpha Q?

No one ever read Bugs Potter books? His favorite bands were Endomorph and Vanderboom.

I dig Mamma Spokes and Trip Railroad, Filibuster gets an Honorable Mention.

Tiniest Camper is just awesome.