Ten Thousand Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Names

This thread is remarkably useful for picking Rock Band 2 names.

It sort of is, and by a black metal artist, which is what I was expecting.

Holy crap, I was hoping you meant African-American metal artist. The white dudes in your link are fucked up.

“The Ten Thousand Band Names of God” would not itself be a particularly good band name, but would be an intriguing name for a science fiction novel.

Oh, then you’ll love the slippery beat and delicious melodies of “Placenta Boathouse”.

Norwegians and their crazy ass black metal up there. They take it to a whole new level.

I like “Rare Backslash”, “Altitude Friction” and “Those Shrews Scarlet” (which sounds like a Shakespearean reference).

Some of those names appear to be that of real bands like Ministry, The Saints, Aviator. I’m not sure why they’re on the list considering how old they are.

A lot of those really sound like Guided by Voices song titles.

This reminds me of an awesome GAF thread (I know, crazy right?)

Auto-generator of band names.

Wow. I got “Four Renegades” and then “DragonRealm”. It couldn’t work better, I don’t think.

It is actually a really cool system.

Get a random name, a random quote, and a random picture… and you have a debut album!

I was listening to Liquid Metal on XM Radio this morning and one of the songs had a title that I think could be an awesome band name: Anonymous esophagus.