Anyone have the most recent one? Any major issues or is it nice?
Seemed to get so-so reviews but it looks like something I could really get into…

I looked at it from face value, without the otherwise heavy baggage I’d be carrying after playing the masterpiece that is Thief II. Tenchu 3 is a direct evolution of Tenchu 1, and not asoundingly advanced compared to the PSX title. Still, it has its charms, and, while retaining the overall simplicity of previous Tenchu games, it does provide something of a challenge at times.

It’s not a visual stunner, nor is it a holy grail of gameplay innovation. It is, however, a tighter experience than Tenchu 1, and therefore a treat for most previous fans of the series.

Basically, if you liked Tenchu 1, it’s worth the price of admission. If Thief II has you spoiled, though, it may end up as a “miss.”

Hrm… I’m still on the fence…

Any comments on co-op? I’m trying to find something to interrupt the NFL fever spree the GF is on, because she ALWAYS wins.

Coop, from what I’ve played, is atrocious.

I love Tenchu 3, and co-op is good. I just wish there were more missions. Aside from that though, it’s just a great game.

One last question, I hear bad things about the camera, how exactly does it function? Invertable?

I don’t really see the problem with the camera. It’s almost completely manual, with a few different control options. Since I don’t want the camera to automatically zoom in on an enemy in the next room before I can normally see it, this is fine by me. Some reviews complained about having to wall-lean to see into the next room…well, YEAH, Rikimaru doesn’t have x-ray vision.

The camera works fine for me, and from what I’ve heard from long-time Tenchu fans (this new one is the only one I’ve played), every single aspect of the controls is a nice improvement over the earlier titles.

The AI definitely sucks compared to Thief, but at the same time you’re an impressively mass-murderous ninja instead of a wuss, so I say it pretty much balances out to being a very good game.

If you want to compare it to Metal Gear Solid 2, I’d say Tenchu kicks its ass around, not only because of the whole ninja thing, but I didn’t think MGS2’s AI was all that good, so Tenchu holds its own in that regard very well. But bear in mind, I’m one of those whiny fucks who wanted MGS2 to quit yammering and let me get back to playing, and burned out on it in record time - so YMMV.