Tennis 2020: The Year of Djokovic and Thiem?

Let’s round out 2019 with some predictions and a new thread for 2020!

Tennis Pro Guru says Djokovic wins Australian, Wimbledon and the Olympics. Thiem wins the French Open, and Medvedev wins the U.S. Open because the older players are too tired from the Olympics. Hahah. I like the boldness of that prediction.

Meanwhile on the women’s side, they predict a different winner for each slam. Pliskova Karolina for Australian, Halep for the French, Kvitova for Wimbledon, Kenin for US open and Osaka for the Olympics in Japan.

Looks like the Australian Open starts later than usual this year. It goes from January 20th until February 2nd, the day of the Superbowl, I believe.

My own predictions would be a lot less bold: Djokovic wins all the majors except the French, which Nadal wins. The women are too unpredictable right now for predictions.

Nadal just won Abu Dhabi. I would agree with your prediction, but I think there’s a chance of a double win for him.

Or an injury!

The Olympics certainly will mess up with the schedule.

I would love to be bold and predict new slam winners, but after all these years I’m not going to believe it until I see it. I’ll say Djokovic wins Australia and Wimbledon assuming he recovers from his shoulder problem, Nadal wins the French if he manages his schedule well, and whichever top player is least injured wins the US Open. Tsitsipas strikes me as the non-big three player with the best chance to win a slam.

Who is going to win this Grand Slam?

Since it’s the end of another decade, I liked this representation of Men’s singles Grand Slam winners by decade:

That’s cool chart. Shows how chalky the previous decade was at first glance, but I also notice how few players win more than two slams in a decade, where the 2010s are roughly on par with the others. Kinda wish they’d exclude the 1960s though as the majority of the talent was on the pro tour for most of it.

This is the year Federer finally wins the Calendar Grand Slam!

Don’t stop… believin’… hold onto that feelin’…

Murray’s pulled out of the Australian Open citing his pelvis, but plans to return in February, a month wherein no big tournaments take place. He says he injured himself playing Davis Cup, but it reads more like a precautionary measure than anything serious. Nishikori’s out too.

Nadal is going to be on 60 minutes today. I’ll be watching the other football game today but I’ll try to catch the segment tomorrow on the web.

Are we going to have an Australian Open or will all the players choke on the air?

It seems like players across the board are having issues with the air quality. 2020 Australian Open: The Year of Breathing Dangerously

Yeah, this could get ugly. Five-set matches in extreme heat are bad enough as it is.

Who decides whether they should cancel? The Australian Open organizers? Or is there a tennis body that can put a stop to it too?

Apparently, come hell or high water or severe bush fire smoke, the Australian Open will start and end on time.

Only slightly different quotes than the Guardian article above.

I’m personally still trying to decide if I want to watch this tournament. If so, I’ll have to get Youtube TV or Hulu LiveTV. But I’m not feeling the urge with this news.

So the Australian Open is starting today. I am really excited as this will be the first Aus Open, or really any tennis match, that I will be attending. I live in Sydney but will be in Melbourne next Monday to see a Round of 16 match at the main court for the night session, so will hopefully get a big name.

I really hope that bushfire smoke does not cause major concern as it did in the qualifiers. I really feel sorry for the players that were sent out there on those bad days, but I suppose there is really nothing that the organisers can do. If there is bad smoke over the whole city it will last at least a whole day, it isn’t something you can schedule around. I suppose they could close the roof and try to use alot of air conditioning (of course, contributing to climate change which contributes to bushfires).

I also hope it doesn’t give Australia a bad reputation internationally, it’s really an unprecedented problem which has caused untold devastation here and many Australians have been utterly depressed about it for two months now.