Tennis ball machines


Are you still happy with The Machine™?


Yes. Still works great. I have been using it maybe 3 days out of 7 lately because I’ve been playing more tennis with a meetup group. My oldest son has had it for the last couple of weeks to work on his game, but I have 4 demo rackets coming UPS from Tennis Wearhouse so I’m taking it back for a week to test them. They might arrive tomorrow.

It’s fun because you hit the ball and you get to see if it goes in or not, etc. It’s pretty easy to imagine hitting like it’s a real game. When you hit against the wall you know if your stroke was over the net or not, mostly, but it’s harder to tell if it was going in or going long.

Both the wall and the machine have their pluses. Best of all is a good practice partner, but the machine will let you do something that a practice partner would be bored with, like hit the same shot 200 times.

I’ve probably used it at least 100 times because I was using it daily for quite awhile, including sometimes twice a day. We’ve moved into the busy season at my job so I don’t have as much time. I am still trying to play 3-4 times a week.


Nice. Glad to hear the investment paid off. I guess you can’t rent this sort of thing to figure it out first?


I really don’t know. Some of the indoor clubs have ball machines. You might try them to see if you could rent an hour of court time with a ball machine.

Ball machines were really uncommon for private use when I was younger. I think they have come down in price.


I had a Lobster, I think it cost like $600 at the time.

It was fine; it shot balls as needed. I kind of soured on the experience after a while because the cleanup takes a long time, and there’s nothing like live rallying with a good partner. But it worked as intended.

Oh wait, it was a Tennis Tutor:



I found that with a ball hopper picking up the balls only takes 4-5 minutes. It feels a bit like a break. I usually sit for a minute and have some water too.

I mean, it’s no substitute for a good partner who is willing to practice but it’s your anytime tennis friend.