Terminal cat advice :(

So it looks like my year-and-a-half old cat has FIP, barring the 10% chance it’s bacterial. Google and the vet’s information was universally appalling:


Basically, no cure or vaccine for some reason. Her lungs were apparently half full of fluid when I took her in.

Anyone had a cat with this before? Urg. Not looking forward to what I’m going to have to do. Maybe we’ll have a going-out salmon party for her…

MY girlfriend back in college had a cat with FIP. Decide when you have the strength for it, and have the poor thing put to sleep. It’s probably in at least some pain now, and a Hell of a lot of discomfort. Sorry, J.

Vaccines don’t work after the fact anyway, and this is a serious problem. You will have to put the cat to sleep, as Bill said. My wife and I had a cat go through a very similar problem (not sure if it was the same). We spent a lot of money trying to help it with surgery and such. We still had to put him to sleep and he suffered the whole time. Very traumatic.

First off, I’m very sorry about your cat. :(

My wife and I just had to put our 8 1/2 year old cat down. Kidney disease. We don’t have kids, so the animals are our family. Saying goodbye and having the cat put down was as horrible as you think it’s going to be times ten. However, the cat was suffering and I now feel much better not having to see the cat in pain and watch him deteriorate. While I dearly miss him (he was one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of cats, more person than animal) I also know it was 100% the right thing to do.

If you decide you have to have it put down, ask the vet if they’ll make a housecall; many will, as it makes things much more peaceful for the pet. (my vet did this for me last year. er, for my cat, I mean)

That’s terrible :(

If the poor guy is in pain, you should let him go. A vet housecall sounds like a great idea, though I had no idea any vets did that.

Yeah, me either.

We’ve currently got the cat version of waiting for Godot - sent out the chest fluid yesterday on the off chance it’s some bacterial thing, but seeing how I brought her in last week because she looked like hell and gave her a coruse of antibiotics it seems unlikely.

Thanks for the sympathy everyone.

Ugh, my condolences Jason.

If the situation does have no treatment options, I would seriously ask the vet if there is a way to get a shot of narcotic painkiller or something so your cat have one last glorious discomfort-free salmon-filled day with you.

Those drugs just make them sleep, more than usual. They aren’t themselves either. It’s kind of disconcerting, and I’m not sure the animal finds it pleasurable either. I understand the theory; I’m just not sure it would work very well, for either party. Sad situation. Sorry, Jason.

Wow, I’m really sorry. I still make sure to pick my cat up every day after work, in honor of Sponge. What’s this poor guy’s/girl’s name?

That’s too bad, Jason. Let’s hope for the best.

Good luck with the cat, and I would avoid the pain killer bit, as mentioned they are really not themselves. Here’s hoping for bacteria.

Ouch. Best of luck to your cat; we have 5, but have somehow managed to avoid this. Hope you do too…

Well, no bacteria; canonical case of FIP. She was feeling a lot better Friday, so we took her home for a last night of bouncing around the place, eating baby food, and being a generally adorable nuisance. Let her go this morning as we pet her. All went about as well as you could hope.

Thanks for the condolences.

Tough break. Hang in there.

Sorry to hear of your loss, at least it was in a way you decided best.

So sorry.

Sorry to hear that Jason, it’s never easy losing a pet.

Sorry to hear about your cat, and only a year and a half old :cry:.

That’s really too bad, Jason. Sorry to hear it.