Terminator: Dark Fate

New Terminator movie with Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis. I love me some Mackenzie Davis.


Coming out Nov. 1. Not thrilled about the title, but still looking forward to it.

I’ve pretty much given up on the Terminator mythos. 3 was just OK, Salvation got such a bad rap that I never watched it, and Genisys was pretty bad. The only thing post T2 that was actually good was The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

So while I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if this new thing brings back the old magic, I’m not hopeful.


Just stop Hollywood. Trotting out Linda isn’t going to bring the glory days back. This, Alien and Predator are dead IP’s…move along.

I am not gonna write it off yet because Tim Miller, but yeah I am not particularly super enthused. T2 is just perfection that never needed a sequel.

It just hurts me to think about how bad Genysis turned out. At least with Salvation, they were trying something different that didn’t hurt the original movies and set apart from them. It had a poor ending, but the rest of the movie was quite compelling. Gynisis was just pure shit. By the time they got to the fighting in the bus, I basically didn’t even care about any of the action.

It goes to show, it’s not easy to make a good action movie.

Of course, one advantage this new film has over Genesys is that it doesn’t have Jai Courtney, as far as I know. So it’s got to be way better just by that fact alone.

I think it’s pretty amazing that Arnold Schwarzenegger can still make a few phone calls and get enough money to make any movie he wants.

Yeah, I’m non the same boat. Why does this need to exist.

I’ll just go watch T2 again now.

The Sarah Connor chronicles was awesome. The franchise isn’t necessarily dead, it just needs, you know, a GOOD movie.

They should pretend they’re rebooting the franchise and then just send Terminator 1 to all the theaters.

Supposedly James Cameron is involved and they are making this as if all movies after T2 didn’t exist. That’s a little hope.

I doubt he’s involved that much since he’s currently making like 5 new Avatar movies at once. I do like they are chopping everything off after T2 though.

I understand why the Terminator movies after 2 are bollocks. What I do not understand is why they made those script and casting choices to make them bollocks.

T3 is acceptable but not good. The female Terminator - Kristianna Loken - simply does not pull off the same presence onscreen. The plot is convoluted and Nick Stahl simply can not carry the movie. The twist at the end is great but the problems here are the plot and the choice of lead actors/actresses. Trim up the plot a bit and cast Heath Ledger in that role and it becomes worthy of that franchise.

I like what Terminator Salivation tries to do with the franchise and at times it works. It is dreadfully bleak but that could work (The Road did). Having Helena Bonham Carter pop up as Skynet did not fly for me but the real issue is the casting choice of Sam Worthington, who has the emotional range of a potato. We needed to like his character before we saw what they did to him and he simply does not reach the audience. Dwayne Johnson could have pulled that off though. The audience would have liked him, the mood would have lightened up a bit, he was big enough to look like a Terminator and then we would have felt sorry for him once we found out what he really was. Not a dry eye in the theater in the last scene with The Rock giving up his life to save John Connor.

Terminator Genisys is just absolute crap. Making John Connor into a Terminator - and worse, revealing it in all the trailers before the movie - is a terrible decision. Giving Arnie too much to emote to and calling him Pops is likewise awful. I get that they were trying to show the Terminator evolve but audiences do not want to see it evolve. They want it to represent that unstoppable killing machine and it could have worked better if he were an old Terminator who was searching for Sarah Connor and never found her as a target until now. The whole movie is a failure from a script standpoint. While Emilia Clarke got crap for her performance I do not think she was the problem. She could have been an acceptable Sarah Connor with a different script. But Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney were terribly casted. It actually would have worked better if those roles were reversed. At least Jai Courtney can pull off the emotionless acting bit since he has the range of only half of that potato.

Jai Courtney ruins every movie, I have statistics to prove it! :)

I agree with most of that. Except Sam Worthington. One of the reasons I liked that movie is that I really liked his character. That actor has a certain something, he’s very likeable. Not as much as Dwayne Johnson, sure, but he’s still got it.

Jai Courtney definitely doesn’t have it. You just want to punch him in every scene. He’s got a natural villain charisma, I can’t believe Hollywood continues to put him in Hero roles. He’s such a natural villain.

Tim Miller-directed and James Cameron-produced

TV/movie Producer can mean many levels. It’s a very nebulous job in Hollywood. JJ Abrams gets Producer credit for many shows/movies he never touches after the beginning because his company is involved.

Was mainly pointing out who was directing. But in regards to Cameron’s level of involvement…

I’m a Terminator fan boy, so I’ll be in the theater opening day! Of course, I’ll have to watch T1 and T2 the day before!! :)

Trailor dropped.

I know James Cameron is producing this, and Tim Miller is directing so that’s nice, but that trailer doesn’t look any better than any of the last three Terminator movies.