Terminator: Genisys - Arnie, Khaleesi, Jai, and T-1000

The old thread for this seems to have blown up. That’s fine since the title was incorrect anyway. It’s “Genisys” not “Genesis” as we thought early on.

Teaser for the teaser: http://youtu.be/t_77GeNEzFQ

Directed by Alan Taylor.

It’s sort of a reboot, but using the new Star Trek model, they’re doing some time travel frippery to keep the “old” Terminator timeline valid while going to a new one.

If you’re interested, tons of official plot spoilers here: http://popwatch.ew.com/2014/10/29/this-weeks-cover-first-look-at-terminator-genisys/

Will the Terminator have a cute robot sidekick this time around? I could see a Twiki looking bot at his side, providing comic relief.

So is this doing a trailer to announce an upcoming trailer a thing now?

Considering that using time travel to alter past events is the fundamental concept of the franchise, that seems fair enough.

Whatever. Everyone loved my topic thread title and you know it.

— Alan

Well, according to IMDB, Skynet is being played by an 11-year old, so…maybe?

In Soviet future, the past terminates YOU!

Or something…

Felt as hollow after seeing this as I was after the Jurassic trailer.

Official trailer:

Link typed out:

It’s looks like a lot of the same material and characters with some time travel spin applied. Yes, this IP is tired and abused, but I doubt I can resist seeing it in the theaters. I’m a sucker.

Well, here’s the whole trailer:

Edit: Damn. Jai Courtney is the blandest dude ever.

That looks like Paul WS Anderson’s Terminator.

Shockingly there are elements here that I kinda like. I kinda dig how they flipped everything. “Oh yeah, the Terminator, we took care of him.” Very non-chalant. The T-1000 spear thing is kinda cool.

— Alan

I like the premise as well. The casting seems really flat, though.

Ignoring the Jai Courtney clips, I thought the trailer was good.

Uh… I’m as surprised as anyone to say this looks delightful, and I’m in for opening weekend.

So it looks like there are three Arnolds in this one - Freshly minted T-800, middle-aged T-800, and elderly skydiving T-800. Is that right?

Also, trailers are weird. At first, it looks like the car hitting the bus on the bridge is what makes it somersault through the air, but then you can see the bus is missing the front wheels while airborne, so whatever did that is what made it flip. Why would they edit it to make it look like the car did it? I mean I guess if you’ll buy a bus getting booted that high into the air, you’ll swallow anything, but why change it for the trailer? I won’t even speculate how anyone inside could possibly survive such a stunt.

ok im gonna be the asshole… genesys?

Oh, so close.


I actually rather like what they’re doing there in the trailer. Given that time travel has always been absolutely central to the series, it’s unfair to characterize it as “frippery” to reboot it with a new timeline. If anything, the Terminator series has usually not done enough to mess with multiple timelines - only The Sarah Connor Chronicles got into that, writing over Terminator 3 (it’s mentioned that Sarah was supposed to die of cancer in a previous timeline), Jesse being from a different future than Derek, and the lead-in for season 3 being a future that didn’t have a John Connor. The re-shot scenes from Terminator 1 look well-done, strongly evoking the original scene with police chasing Kyle Reese into a department store after he steals pants from a bum.