Terminator: Genisys - Arnie, Khaleesi, Jai, and T-1000


My GOD that looks amazing stupid. And I can’t get how just how spoilery that trailer actually was.




Don’t care. Going to see it. Trailer shows ridiculous action.

Spoilery it may be. Still going to see it.


I hereby extend my apologies to Paul WS Anderson for my previous slight agains him. He has better taste than whatever that was.


I’ll also go see it during release week, I’ve seen all the others in the theater so might as well keep the tradition alive.


This looks terrible.

And they spoiled what could be an interesting twist.

If anything, these trailers have made me less interested in seeing this movie.


I’m not sure I get the hate. Terminator movie logic has always fallen apart under any level of scrutiny. Sure, old Schwarzenegger vs young Schwarzenegger is much worse/hammy, but the action looks cool. The whole Terminator movies’ greatest hits seems kind of neat to me. I’m sure that spoiler would have come out prior to release, so maybe the studio is trying to get ahead of the game by exploiting it. Most of the world does not react to spoilers quite as vehemently as Qt3.


How so for the first two movies?


Time travel.


Liquid metal robot/impersonator.


The first one was pretty tight – the time-travel had its own built-in paradox fixer in that it was always fated to happen the way it did. Future-John knew exactly who to send back because it had already happened and he knew how it was going to play out because it had already played out that way. The only unanswered question is whether Future-John could have chosen NOT to send his father back in time to die, or if it would have happened no matter what he did.

The later movies just tossed causality out the window.


If Reese going back in time creates an alternate reality, then he wasn’t John’s father in John’s reality. If going back in time does not create a new reality, then what is the point. Either way, John’s reality stays shitty.


The plot twist is almost cut-and-pasted from a fanfic. Since when do fanfics get this kind of budget? Oh.


Not exactly. Future-John’s reality isn’t too bad – he’s just defeated SkyNet. Everything from then on is presumably going to be better than his recent past.

The fact that the terminator has been sent back by SkyNet kind of by definition isn’t going to do anything because either it hasn’t succeeded (since John still exists and has time to send back Reese) or it’s only succeeded in an alternate reality that Future-John isn’t standing in. He’s sitting pretty no matter what.


I don’t think Future John is shown to defeat SkyNet in any of the movies. Everyone just tells him he will, just like everyone tells Anakin he will restore balance to the force. The details might not be so pleasant.


Reese said they’d won in the very first movie. And that John then sends him back - after that event. I assume the two things happen pretty close to one another.

Found the quote: “It had no choice. Their defense grid was smashed. We’d won. Taking out Connor then would make no difference. Skynet had to wipe out his entire existence.”


The problem with Anakin is everyone thought “balance” meant equilibrium. It, in fact, meant numerical balance. When the Jedi outnumber the Sith like 500 to 1, things are gonna get messy. Yay, prophecy!


Okay. Replace John making an illogical decision with SkyNet making an illogical decision.


Probably. It seems unlikely that sending Arnie back was the very first experiment in time travel, so SkyNet should be pretty clear on what is or is not possible.

However, if we give it the benefit of the doubt and say that Arnie’s time-travel was the [U]very first[/U] time travel event, then SkyNet is probably acting rationally… it’s rolling the dice on causality not being “closed”.


But if Skynet had succeeded in wiping out Conner’s existance, then the resistance wouldn’t have “won”, at least not as presented. The again, Skynet doesn’t even have a basic spelling checker, so who knows what would have happened?