Terminator: Genisys - Arnie, Khaleesi, Jai, and T-1000


Why would they add that pretty major spoiler to the trailers? If people were going to see it, they were going to see it without that additional info. It’s pretty shitty.


Yeah, what a weird spoiler. I know we are in the internet age and all, but it is not that hard to avoid spoilers if you plan on seeing something in the first few weeks. It’s like they assume the world is full of assholes camping at water coolers to ruin everybody’s day.

I was not planning on seeing this at the cinema, but I am pretty sure I still would have avoided an interesting spoiler for the Blu-Ray once the post-release hype-wave moved on to the next new shiny.


I don’t know, it seems like a spoiler on the order of Arnold being a good guy terminator in T2, which was totally spoiled by trailers before release.


I wouldn’t blame it on the trailers. The whole marketing for the movie never made a secret of it. I don’t really remember seeing any trailers for the movie other than the tv adverts, but all the articles I had read made it very clear that Arnie’s a good guy in T2. I was actually a bit irritated when I then saw the movie and noticed that it’s set up as a twist.


Not looking like it’s worth the effort: with 85+ reviews in, the Tomatometer is at 27%.


A.V. Club gave it a B-, which sounds like it comes from a sort of “enjoy it for what it is” attitude. So maybe with the right expectations it’s okay, but it’s definitely off my list of entertainment I will actively seek out.


Well, watched it tonight and I enjoyed it for what it is - an Arnie action movie. I think 27% is unfair though. I’d lean with a B as opposed to a B-.


Perfect - sounds like my son and I will really enjoy this. I am hoping to be able to take him this weekend!


How adult is it? Is it on par with the marvel movies, or more like the original terminator?


Super-duper spoilery, but interesting, nerdy breakdown of the various time loops in the Terminator franchise:


Hope the two of you enjoy it!

I don’t think anything would take the place of the original in my mind! I would say that Arnie does strain acting here, and the script isn’t terribly good, but as Terminator action movies go - I stress “action” - I enjoyed this a little more than T3 and a lot more than Salvation. It’s not a terribly light hearted show for the most part.

Disclaimer: I am fully able to turn my brain off at the door and watch the shiny bits. If you’re expecting some fine acting or to make sense of time paradoxes, this is probably a C- (at best).


you misunderstood me. I wasn’t asking how good it is. I’m not expecting much out of it. I’m asking if I can take kids to watch it.


Really depends on how old your kids are and how cool you are with violence. It’s not as bad as the original terminator though.


The original was rated R and meant for grown-ups. The new one, like all Hollywood efforts now, is neutered to PG-13 for maximum revenue.


Arnold is different nowadays in that he carries more baggage with him, so some of it may be politically motivated - as well as he (and the franchise) has seen a lot of miles.


Terminator 5…so very tired.

I’m going to go see this with Mini-Cyn.

I don’t expect much for acting, just get to the BOOM-a-BOOM BOOM BOOM Ka-BANGO!!

I can let the kid in me out and just enjoy the movie.

Plus, I really wanna see Arnold eat rotor blades as part of his plan to stop a helicopter.

I can enjoy Pacific Rim like that. Acting? What acting? I’m here for ridiculous robot on monster fighting. (Though, T5, or genisys, it’s robot vs robot)


I actually liked this movie up until the point where they introduced the main ‘bad guy’. That part never worked out, so lack of compelling bad guy sort of sunk the movie. Also, I am getting tired of action movies that turn it up to 11. Every time our heroes survive by the skin of their teeth, it just makes everything seem less dangerous.

I’d like to see a Terminator movie that really evoked the sense of dread and the interesting philosophical questions. Ah, for the Sarah Connor Chronicles!


I will have to amend my previous remarks on this subject, as 27% is a fairly accurate rating for this film.


So we like our action movies turned up to errr, 7? I agree with you on the rest. Aside from the fact that the trailers already spoiled 99% of the show, the rather smaller part of the movie prior to the bad guy reveal was much better.


Arnold is the only good thing in this movie. He’s been the Terminator for decades, and he knows exactly how to play it, especially for comic beats.

The story is a goddamn mess. I read somewhere where the screenwriters asked themselves what they liked about the Terminator movies, and they came up with Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, etc, etc. But they’re too busy trying to shoehorn the same narrative into something new and different that they come up with something stupid and silly.

The ticking clock in this movie is especially stupid since it’s a damn software clock controlled entirely by Skynet. When it fast-forwarded from 14 hours to 14 minutes, it couldn’t just skip ahead to zero in the first place?

I think Emilia Clarke was given nothing to work with, and Jai Courtney is the blandest of white guy actors. He’s this movie’s Sam Worthington, so bland you wonder who or what he did to get the role. The most interesting thing about him is his name, and it’s stupid.