Terminator: Genisys - Arnie, Khaleesi, Jai, and T-1000


That’s the one. Absolutely waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of other games at the time.

Damn! I never knew about the alternate deaths that people made for it!


Same situation, had fun watching it. Loved the beginning and the big story-swallowing retcons, let me know everything was on the table. Could pick it apart (why give yourself very little prep time for no real reason?), but I won’t.

Still a better story than Jurassic World (needed tweaks rather than an overhaul), and lots of fun to see more than one Terminator running around.


That was cracking game, first time I’d heard of Bethesda. Only trouble was I couldn’t play it very well on my comp at the time, as (IIRC) it needed a Matrox Millennium card to really shine, and a P120, I only had a P90 and some crappy 2-d VC.


Are you sure we’re talking about the same game? We had a 386 when that game came out and it ran fine…


I just caught this movie. I’m a big fan of the original 2 Terminator movies which I think are fantastic action/sci-fi/thrillers.
Despite some good stunts and some high production values I absolutely hated this latest incarnation. It was dumber than a bunch of rocks. The actors spent most of their time trying to explain the plot in Star Trek technobabble. The violence from the originals was neutered for the tweens and it spent it’s entire running time shitting on the plot of the originals. Definitely a candidate for my worst movie of the year (so far). 2/10 - avoid.

I still love Khaleesi though - phwoar!


As with T3: Rise of the Machination, there’s a couple of interesting ideas here and questions about the high-level state of the movie-universe are begged and teased.

As with T3, the execution was uneven at best and bad to incoherent at worst. Schwarzenegger and especially Clarke (that is, Emilia) are game here. I don’t really have anything else to say about any other character (most especially poor J. K. Simmons, who is wasted). I think maybe it’s the best Jai Courtney performance I have ever seen. Please note that Jai Courtney performances are only judged against all other Jai Courtney performances. And Sam Worthington performances. Because, you know.

Action was solid. Movie not worth matinee price I paid for it.

That is all.


So, according to THR:

By the time the Times article appeared, Terminator: Genisys had opened to a soft $27 million domestic, and the article suggested that the film illustrated a hard truth: “Paying for movies is one thing. Steering them crea*tively is another.” The film did well overseas, especially in China, where it grossed $112 million. But the $150 million-plus movie still will lose money, and sources say the notion of a Terminator universe is on hold indefinitely.


In a way that’s just right for me.

I saw Genisys and enjoyed it quite a bit. Goofy old action movie stuff.

But I think it was the last one for me.


I just saw this. The beginning of the movie was kind of neat. Seeing the future the way Kyle describes it in the original movie was cool. And Kyle is sent back in time. But then it gets pretty goofy.

Jai Courtney is just so mediocre. Arnold as the “Pops” terminator isn’t nearly as endearing as the T800 in Terminator 2 send to protect young John, since that movie actually had scenes of bonding between John and the Terminator. The fight scenes with the new nano-Terminator just seem so arbitrary. They can decide that this new machine is capable of pretty much anything at any given moment, which makes it less exciting to watch action sequences. In retrospect Terminator 1 and 2 did a really good job in establishing what the T800 and T1000 could do, and then used those rules well to make really exciting action sequences. The nanobot Terminator thing was just established at having magnets as its weakness, but apart from that, it could decompose and recompose at will, sometimes superfast, sometimes slowly and with great effort? It was just a mess. It’s hard to get excited about an action sequence when you’re not even sure what rules this thing is supposed to follow.

Oh well, good riddance at this being a failure.

I really do need to watch the original Terminator again. If there’s one thing that whole starting sequence of the movie has done, it’s given me a real appreciation for what a classic the original movie is, and how much better it handled the mood, the lighting, the music, and the action.


Watched it finally as well. Yeah it is bad. The whole time travelling narrative is just a mess, rehashing T3 story line (fatalistically Judgement day is going to happen one way or another) while explicitly denying T3 ever happened (Judgement day in 1997 as opposed to whenever the hell in T3). The whole mystery as to who sent pops to protect Sarah is left dangling like a giant dildo: obscene and artificial.

The chemistry between Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke is exact zero, if not negative, because Daenerys looks like a preteen. The cut-and-paste job, aping the dynamics between Sarah and pops, with that of teenage John and T800 in T2, just show this is purely a money grabbing exercise rather than pushing new boundaries.

My verdict is, I want my 2 hours back.


Damn it my phone/misclick ate my post so I’ll have to type it again.

Yeah watched it finally and this is a hot mess. It is cut-and-pasting T3 storyline (fatalistically Judgement day is going to happen one way or another) while explicitly denying T3 ever happened (Judgement Day here is still 1997). The whole mystery as to how pops came back from the future to save Sarah is dangling like a giant dildo: obscene and artificial.

The chemistry between Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke is exactly zero, if not negative, because Daenerys looks like a preteen here (so the only end product between them is statutory rape). Sarah and pops aping the dynamics between a young John Connor and T-800 in T2 just shows this movie is purely a money grabbing exercise, rehashing rather than breaking new ground.

My verdict: I want my 2 hours back.


Dunno. For me, this was surprisingly competent. Much better than Salvation and 3.


Ugh, Jai Courtney makes Shia LeBeouf look like Lawrence Olivier though.




I too saw this recently. The only thing I really got out of this was seeing Arnold do his Terminator shtick one last time, far better than he was in T3, and the fight with the T800 was worth the price of admission (ie. a rental). The rest of it was a confusing mix of plot holes, series inconsistencies, a giant middle finger to T1 and T2, and some boring CGI crap that defines most blockbuster movies these days.

It seems Cameron was the only one who understood “Terminator”. At least T3 was the closest in spirit to the first two, but it just came off as a badly made homage (with the exception of the downer ending, which almost redeemed the entire movie).


I agree completely.

Arnold vs Arnold was worth the price. (I saw it at the theater)

Action movies shouldn’t be that long.

I was a little weary a little after halfway through.

Not an issue at home though.


It seems Cameron was the only one who understood “Terminator”.

As I’ve said ad nauseam, the cancelled-too-soon TV show got it.


So I have a 13 flight ahead of me, and as always I check what movies are on the plane and measure it against my available video game options. So in a world where I can either play Xenoblade Chronicles for the 3ds or some controller friendly steam backlog game on my surface pro 3, is this worth the run time opportunity cost?


It’s not worth it, no. Play the game instead.


I always use long plane trips as an opportunity to catch up on crappy movies, especially as playing games for 13 hours sounds like a slog! Watch it while you have dinner, hopefully it’ll help you get to sleep which makes the flight go by much faster.