Terminator: Genisys - Arnie, Khaleesi, Jai, and T-1000


That’s a good point. I usually use flights to catch up on reading. It used to be paperback books, but now is the Kindle app on my phone. But in both cases, I usually fall asleep while reading.


The franchise is near and dear to my heart. I spent the better part of a year making a pitch for it.
The first half of the movie was cool, a nice way to nod and wink the past, show the future and then…wow.
I think they have successfully killed it for another 10 years. A shame really. This universe could be so rich, and I know for some this is sacrilege, at least McG had enough stones to stay far away from Time Travel.



  • Linda Hamilton is in.
  • It will have nothing to do with Genisys.


Arnold is 70 this year.
Linda is 60 this year.

These are not ages for people to be starring in physically demanding action movies. I predict much CGI and everyone will be holding foam rubber weapons. Maybe they need to go the route the Starship Trooper movies went and make them total CGI movies, with the old stars coming back for voicework.


Maybe they can handle the action sequences like Big Trouble in Little China did.

“Whoa Sarah Connor, how did you get out of that death trap?”
“Wasn’t easy!”


Didn’t he just use a stunt double for action sequences anyway? It’s not like Arnold was doing that. Nor should he.


You tell Arnie that he’s too old. :)


Sounds like it’s going to ignore T3 and Salvation as well:


Awe, I sorta liked T3.


Yeah, but if you’re bringing back Linda Hamilton, you pretty much have to ignore T3:


I liked it, too. People were too hard on it. It had some great action scenes, effects, pacing was good and I liked female Terminator.


Who remembers the story of T3…


I remember Arnold walking around with a coffin and a machine gun blowing up all the things.


That’s all you need!


Kristanna Loken was a pretty terrible terminator, but that was mostly due to how dumb the character was. “No, see, she’s a female terminator! And she can turn her arm into a plasma gun because reasons! Also, her boobs inflate at will!”

I do love the Tom & Jerry “BONNNNG!” sound effect when the veterinarian truck hits the inflatable yard toy during the big car chase.


Man I didn’t BT remember anything about T3, I don’t know if that’s just because I found it utterly unmemorable or so terrible I hit the purge button.

But I did kind of like Salvation! Thought it had some cool ideas, and decent action.


I fell asleep during the one with Christian Bale. Was that Salvation?


Yup. That’s the one with the terminator motorcycles and open-heart cyborg surgery.


Don’t forget the super big giant terminator!



Scene from a Terminator movie or a Transformers movie? You decide!


That is definitely a Terminator movie, there are no robot dinosaurs nor swords.