Terminator: Genisys - Arnie, Khaleesi, Jai, and T-1000


I thought maybe it was Pacific Rim for a minute.


I liked T3, but it was an action comedy with completely different vibe and I do not in any way consider it canon. It had a great ending though.

Salvation was completely meh. I hated that they finally set a terminator movie in the post-apo future, and proceeded making it absolutely nothing like it looked in original two films. Fuck salvation.

And genisys was somehow even worse, just pure parodic dumbness.

But to be honest I am not too thrilled about any possible new Cameron terminator. I love the first two films but they feel complete, and I am not sure Cameron still has it. Avatar was a decade ago and even that is a movie I saw once and never felt a desire for a rewatch.


James Cameron isn’t directing. Tim Miller (Deadpool) is doing the honors. Cameron is producing and writing.


That…doesn’t actually make it better, because my issues with Avatar were mostly in its ho-hum script. Direction-wise it was stellar, at least from what I remember of it.

Though Tim Miller seems like a great director (from his blur and deadpool work) so I am definitely not gonna complain about him. And of course, I am gonna give Cameron benefit of the doubt. I love five of his seven films, after all.


I’m not that big of a Cameron fan, myself. Not that I dislike him, mind you, I think all the stuff he’s done is worth seeing, just mostly not up my alley. However I give him massive credit for Aliens, and I’d call him a genius if that was his only film.


James Cameron said the aging male 80s and 90s action stars are getting nostalgia vehicles, and he thinks the female stars should get some too.

Which I guess is just Linda Hamilton and Sigourney Weaver? Who am I missing?


Bridget Nielsen? That’s all i can think of.


Whoa! Red Sonja reboot!


Genisiiiiiiiiiiiis did have a good idea in trying to bring to bring the paradox of Skynet’s creation to the forefront. Skynet is stuck failing over and over, only perpetuating the cycle via desperate (but doomed) attempts to re-write time. However, the execution of that idea was a big timey wimey mess. I don’t think a big budget action movie is the right form to tell this sort of story, either.

They should keep 3 and just state this is the next loop. Things happen differently because, well, Skynet has to try something different, even though that attempt will inevitably fail.


James Cameron is not alone in writing this, they have collected an interesting writing room:

Note that it includes Josh Friedman. He was the showrunner for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which was actually pretty good in the “interesting ideas” department.

Terminator 3 do over?

That is a solid crew that I wouldn’t want to bet against, but it is hard for me to see this working.

Some things don’t need to be vehicles for nostalgia.


It would be pretty cool if they just carried on where T:TSCC left off. Never going to happen, but I can dream.


I liked the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but I’m don’t think I’d want them trying to incorporate the extra plot baggage into a movie.


The Terminator films, starting with 3 and going from there, have had their ups and downs for sure. The last one didn’t seem to have even a basic understanding of how time travel might work in theory, which wasn’t helpful (I remember my son and I being baffled at the story itself) but they have all been way more fun to watch than any of the Transformers films.


I can’t believe I’m about to defend a Transformers film, but I disagree. I thought Terminator: Genisys (which this thread is about) was just terrible. Most of the action scenes I found to be really boring. There was no sense of humor, there was no sense of real danger, it was just rote exposition and action scenes. I never felt absorbed into the story except at the beginning when events were following the events of the first film pretty closely. The farther it got from those events, the more eye-roll inducing the movie got, and the more and more I kept losing interest. By the time they got to the school bus action scene, it really didn’t matter to me at all, so the whole bus scene was the opposite of exciting. It was just so boring.

On the other hand, the fourth Transformer movie, the one with TJ Miller and Stanley Tucci, was really funny in parts. The giant Magnet scene was a crazy action scene in which I actually cared about what was going on and I was fully absorbed. Terminator: Genisys has nothing like that.


Wait, the actress who plays Daenerys is in this movie? I just recently watched all seasons of Game of Thrones, so I wasn’t familiar with her at the time. Stop making me want to watch this POS movie again Soma! I just have to remind myself that the movie also had Jai Courtney. Ok, there, all desire to rewatch the movie is now gone.