Terminator Resistance Aka Fallout 3 light

I bought this on summer sale, and was really i glad i got it. I was really impressed with this one and surprised it didnt have its own thread. This game is the back story of Terminator 1 and 2, set in the time of Conners future and leads up to the events of the first and 2nd movie. Sound, music, and gameplay all capture the feel surprisingly well

Whats most amazing is that its essentially Fallout 3 light. Missing perks and VATS (though it does even have a version of VATS sort of), but has just about everything else. RPG elements of leveling up your character, check. Inventory and crafting, check. Weapons galore, check. Choices matter, with evolving story, check. Even Several love interests!

It says its a FPS on steam, which almost made me pass on it, but its so much more!

I was really surprised how much i enjoyed this game, will be playing again!

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