Terminator: Resistance - FPS, particles, lens flares

The first shooter that I know of done in this setting was Terminator: Future Shock, by Bethesda, back in 1995 or so. They did a sequel as well. Not sure what happened with the franchise since then.


I don’t remember that game.

Metacritic score of 48. Ouch.

Here’s Eurogamer:


Interesting that despite it being absolutely crap, people in the comments wanted to play it just for the achievements.

well ill rent it for an easy platinum trophy, dont be suprised if the ps3 version outsells the 360 based on the fact that its the easiest platinum trophy u could ever ask 4

Terminator Future Shock was ahead of its time. I wonder if this is more linear CoD style or will be the sort of semi open world of those older Bethesda games.

Imagine the days when people had more time than video games to play.

I bought Terminator: Resistance, for full price.

Three reasons, basically:

  1. ggmanlives posted about it:

“Finished Terminator Resistance. If you’re a fan of the first two Terminator films, this is a must to play. Review should be up tomorrow.”

  1. I love T1/T2 to death and I need something Terminator in my life that will overwrite the bad taste of DF

  2. The developers are polish which I just found out and that’s cool, I have a soft spot for polish dev scene

Fingers crossed that I will enjoy it and won’t have to refund it.

Reviews mention its probably the best Terminator game ever released…

I laughed at the line “I’ve made phone calls on smarter androids than this”.

Which says a lot about how terrible Terminator games have been, since he concluded that it’s “Bad”.

But is it “bad” like you don’t want to play it, or is it “bad” like a cheesy B-movie you know is drek but you love anyway? That’s always the question. In any event, looks like a title to be picked up on sale perhaps.

Better than T2 pinball?

I played 30 minutes (just to test it, I want to get through Fallen Order first) and impressions ok so far, sure you can see the low budget in facial animations and voice acting, but it seems like it could be a fun, atmospheric terminator FPS. I like that it has voiced protagonist, even with some dialogue choices here and there, some resource management…compared to their previous game, the onrails Rambo shooter, this is a big step forward :)

The Bethesda games like Future Shock were good for their time. Future Shock was even the first PC FPS to use mouselook (though I think Marathon may have had it prior on MAC)

I saw that claim rebuffed on another forum, saying that CyClones was the real first. I looked it up and… games sure were ugly back then :)

Cyclones is a little different, sort of between standard modern FPS controls and what Looking Glass was doing with Terra Nova and System Shock as the cursor moved inside of the screen and if you got to the edge it would shift it.

Ah, interesting. I guess there were a lot of ways that could have unfolded, besides pure WADS/mouse.

(haven’t seen it myself, want to go in blind)

Future Shock blew my mind when I first installed it back in the day. I thought it nailed the atmosphere, and the gameplay had me on the edge of my chair.

Reinstalled it on that same 486 just a few years ago, and it surprisingly held up pretty well, although I didn’t remember it being so damn difficult. But I’m getting older, and I think shooters have gotten a lot easier since 1995. Or I might have just been willing to put up with a lot more difficulty back then. Or I may have actually enjoyed difficult gameplay back then. :)

I think someone else said this but it does somehow remind me of Homefront Revolution. Semi open rubble levels perhaps.