Terminator: Resistance - FPS, particles, lens flares

Developed by Reef Entertainment.

Looks interesting. Hope it’s good as that could be a lot of fun.

It looks…well, rather generic. Nice, and I’d probably play it, as it’s the type of game I like, but I saw pretty much nothing in that trailer that makes me giddy with excitement.

Keep in mind that the studio’s claim to fame is the hilariously janky Rambo game from 2014.


Good to know the franchise is in capab-- Well, it’s in hands anyway.

Are big franchises like this given to contractors who put in the lowest bids?

The first shooter that I know of done in this setting was Terminator: Future Shock, by Bethesda, back in 1995 or so. They did a sequel as well. Not sure what happened with the franchise since then.


I don’t remember that game.

Metacritic score of 48. Ouch.

Here’s Eurogamer:


Interesting that despite it being absolutely crap, people in the comments wanted to play it just for the achievements.

well ill rent it for an easy platinum trophy, dont be suprised if the ps3 version outsells the 360 based on the fact that its the easiest platinum trophy u could ever ask 4

Terminator Future Shock was ahead of its time. I wonder if this is more linear CoD style or will be the sort of semi open world of those older Bethesda games.

Imagine the days when people had more time than video games to play.