Terminator: Resistance - FPS, particles, lens flares

Resistance’s John Connor DLC is about to be revealed.

Great, been waiting for this one to get down to $15, or ideally be given away on Epic or Game Pass. New paid DLC makes that much more likely.

Oh right. John Connor eventually turns into an adult. I keep thinking of him as a kid.

Releases December 10 on PC and PS5.


Well darn, thats how you announce something and make me drool, make it so its only a few weeks away, so its all i think about.

Same, here, this game was a real surprise and one of my favorites from the last couple of years. Really enjoyed it, it oozed Terminator atmospshere. Now I have an excuse to play it all over again. Still at 92% favorable on Steam - not very many games can claim that.

Seems like the Terminator future world is far more suitable for a game than for a movie.

Terminator: Salvation was pretty good until it went off the rails in the last 3rd of it. I really enjoyed the first 2/3rds though.

Couldn’t resist the steam sale so I picked this up. I’m not sure my nerves can handle it. The game does capture the setting well.

Yeah I think I’m going to bite on this as well.

Looks great!

I played through Annihilation Line, and it’s ok. The aesthetics are still terrific - I think the Californa-on-fire look of the actual line is new, and looks great. There’s some decent setpieces, it still has the same setpiece-to-wide-corridor approach of the main campaign, but the truncated progression robs it of some impact. Also, while the original campaign did a good job of coloring in the lines in a pretty clever way, I think bringing Reese into this tips it over into bad fanfiction territory.

From what I read, it is pretty much a stand-alone megamission and doesn’t integrate into the main playthrough? Sort of like the DLC for Human Revolution before the Director’s Cut integrated it. Takes away a bit of the desire to pick it up.

Yes, and I don’t like that. But I love the game, love the work the developer did, so I will get it, replay the game and then play the DLC at the appropriate point to sort of imperfectly blend it in. I’ve been wanting replay the game, plus use a different difficulty setting so it’s all good for me for the most part.

I’ll probably pick it up on a sale eventually. I liked the game, and had fun with it, but it wasn’t that long ago so I’m not quite ready to replay it.

And now a very grey RTS?

A good review of the DLC that accepts the game for what it is, rather than putting it down for what it isn’t: